Friday, June 30, 2006

Snacky snacks

Here are some pics of the absolute yummy snacks from Japan. Tyler really loved the strawberry KitKat and I'm not sure if they are available in the U.S. or not. Hector tells me that Japan pays for the brand name (?) .

I found a pic of those Oreos. They were awesome and I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate either. Do they have these in America??

Hector saw these hot spicy chip-like snacks and bought some just on the packaging alone. It is a Japanese version of a Mexican man wearing a sombrero sweating. They sure can make anything look cute. Also in the pic, a juice we got out of a vending machine. We make our choices based on the picture or sometimes words.
We are a fairly adventurous bunch food-wise so Tyler made his choices from the vending machine and hopefully he liked it. We didn't see the same beverage choices more than once unless it was Coca-cola.

Well, it's the long weekend for the Fourth of July...we don't have any big plans. Tomorrow, my friend Kat is coming over to hang out & go to the movies. I am just happy that June is over. Both Hector and I had really busy month and it will be great to relax this weekend. It seems that the hospital is scheduling everything as a 4 day weekend although Hector will have to work on Monday.

Now I can catch up on some photgraphy reading this weekend so hopefully I'll have some firework shots. In the meantime, here are some pics of Japan. We were Kyoto in the fall so we were able to view the changing of the leaves which attract many visitors to the gardens. Also in Kyoto, we were lucky to catch a glimpse of a maiko (apprentice geisha). People flock around them to take pictures since they are a vanishing art. I f you ask nicely, they will pose for you. You can't tell from the picture but there were lots of other people snapping away too.

Last but not least, here is Tyler partying like it's 1999. My sister-in-law, Lupe went with us on our trip and she watched the boys while Hector & I could go out. Earlier in the day, we went to a 98 yen store (equivalent to our 99 cent store) and found these wigs and streamers. Lupe decorated their room and they had a great time dancing and eating junk food. Oh, Japan has some wonderful snack food. They have a white chocolate Oreo cookie that was soooo good. It was shaped like a Twix and had bits of Oreo cookie crumbled in a white chocolate coating. YUM! The problem with Japanese snacks is that they have a high turnover rate so once you discover a yummy treat, it may already be off the market. We found these and only bought 2 little boxes (in case we didn't like it) then find out we love them & can't remember where we got them. I looked at every store but they didn't carry them. Another example is my tea apple that I found in Japan and bought about 6 of them to take back home. In Torrance, we have a strong Japanese population due to many Japanese car company headquarters in our area. So as a result, a lot of Japanese markets and restaurants. But for the life of me, I cannot find this apple tea! I could roder direct from the company but I am holding off for now. It is soooo gooood. It is an ice tea with an apple flavor. It's not like tastes more like home-brewed iced tea sweetened perfectly with apple. ARGHHH! I still have one bottle left so I can show it to Marukai (market) and maybe they can order it for me.Sigh. I might have to drink my last bottle this weekend before it expires.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

What was THAT?

When I arrived home from my doctor's appt, I clicked the garage door remote and I saw a BIG bird fly from underneath a bush. I was thinking that is one big bird, bigger than anything I've seen around here. Remember, I live in a fairly large city and we have our share of wildlife like oppossums, raccoons, skunks and the occasional fox. This bird looked like hawk even though I only saw it from the back. After I pulled into the garage, I went to take a look where I saw the 'ufo' and there was a mess of feathers. I guess it was molting season. I told Hector what I saw and he said, "I TOLD you I saw a hawk around here!" Okay, I believe you!


Smatterings of the last couple of days. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that we were headed off to some mini-golf and here are the latest pics. Josh really tried to golf...we'd help him with the first shot then he'd pickup the ball, place it 2 inches from the cup and knock it in. Too cute.

Tyler was always ahead of us to the next hole so I didn't get much of him, just posing in front of the various castles. There was also a bounce house so both kids made a bee-line for it. I like how some of the shots came out. Joshua does his impression of a fish caught in a net and Tyler is all over the place. It was such a nice, cool evening and we all had a fun time.

Today, I went to visit the podiatrist again and my foot is healing nicely. I wish I could wash my right foot but I still can't get it wet for at least 10 more days. Gross. I wipe any visible areas with some wipes but it still feels grimy. The doc said my foot is actually ahead of the typical patient so that makes me happy.

On the way to my appointment, I noticed a motorcycle cop parked and then I noticed a van had plowed into a neighbor's cinder block wall. The driver was still in his seat and the cop was talking to him. Wow, that blows for the homeowner. I was wondering if the driver was drunk because the angle of the van looked kinda weird. When I came back home, the cop was still there and a man in a wheelchair. Hector told me later that the man was a driver. Okay, so maybe he lost control since he is disabled. Thankfully, no one looked hurt.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Late Night

We reverted to our pre-children day last night and stayed up until 2am. Hector wanted to post an ad for a housekeeper then went riding around on his bike at 11pm trying to find a good place to post it. With the internet etc, bulletin boards are rare sight so he'll just have to find another means to advertise. He called me and said he found an Alberto's (fast food Mexican) that is open 24 hours. After clubbing (pre-kids), we would hit Alberto's for some taquitos with guacamole. It was our little ritual. So when he cam home, Hector says, "How about some taquitos?" Yum. Boy, they sure hit the spot. And this place was close to us! We used to drive 30 minutes to Southgate to satisfy our cravings but this is in our town. This place is called Alfredo's but it's the same food. Awesome.

Of course, I paid for it this morning. The phone rang at 7:45am and it was some pharmacist friend from college who is opening her own pharmacy. I asked her to call me another time and couldn't fall asleep again. I made a playdate with Sheri's kids at the park at 10am so I had to get them ready and fed. You know, the usual routine. Hector slept until 10am since he had to work tonight from 5pm to 7am. The time at the park was fun and I took the kids home. I decided to take my later shower and get lunch for Joshua (Tyler was riding bikes with Hector); I look at the time at it's 12:08pm.. oh man, Josh's bus comes at 12:15pm. Yikes. I'm trying to change him and get his shoes on and I hear the bus pull up at 12:10pm. I manage to throw in his snack and a towel for water play and hustle him out the door. Whew.

But wait, there's more! I scheduled an impromtu playdate this morning at the park with another friend Shari"s son Ryan. It turned out that the little blond girl Tyler was playing with at the park is Shari's neighbor. We showed up at 1:30pm at Shari's ready for some fun and sun. So the three of them played in their wading pool and had popsicles. So Tyler had a very full day and so did I. Joshua arrived at 4:15pm and he was already asleep. I took advantage of that so I decided I deserved a nap too. Now I feel groggy but better. I think tomorrow will be a mellow day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yeah, Joshua started his summer preschool session which is great. I can spend some time with Tyler for a few hours so we headed to the park with his bike. His classmate Russell was there too with his twin brother so Tyler was happy running around with them. While he was busy, I tried taking some pics of various things and here they are. The weather was all over the place today, first cloudy, some rain, cool breezes then muggy heat. I also got my butt in gear and made dinner (sirloin steaks and rice-a-roni). I picked a good day since Hector skipped lunch and he inhaled his dinner. I think we will take the kids mini-golfing tonight so more later....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to California...Now Go Home

It is starting to heat up this summer and I promised to set up Tyler's water T-ball thingy. He taps a switch which releases the ball into the water spray then Tyler proceeds to hit the ball or not. Either way he gets wet and as you can see that part of the lawn needs water.

I read an article in the Los Angeles Times how people are still lured to California despite our awful traffic and outrageous home prices. We do have very nice weather and the food choices can't be beat. On the flip side, there are many people that leave Califonia for various reason. One such couple I know are native Califonians and they are packing up for Huntsville, Alabama. They have made good real estate investments which they sold about 4-5 years ago so they were looking for a home that will be their forever home. Back then, everyone was saying how the housing bubble will burst soon so they waited & watched real estate prices go even higher. Their money didn't go as far as they had hoped.
The husband went to Alabama to look into real estate investments and really liked the area. Then the wife went too and they decided that is where they want to live. They put their house up for sale and bought a new house which should be completed in August. Their house sold for $545,000 (1600 sq ft 3bedrooms 1 bath) in a questionable neighborhood while their new house is $340,000 (4300 sq ft 4 bedrooms, 3 baths) in a gated community. It is a huge move for them and I sincerely hope they will love it there since it would be very difficult to move back to California. I personally don't know what Alabama is like but maybe that is want they want for their family. I wish them the best.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Nothing new to report from this weekend. The days are blending into each other for me. This week I have to go to a parents' meeting for Tyler's baseball team regarding practice times, games etc. I hope my foot heals nicely so we can resume a more fun and active summer schedule. Somehow I tweaked my big toe on my right foot and now it is all achy and sore. Argh.

Hector suggested we go to a movie today and I was all for it. But it was around 6pm Sunday and he didn't plan ahead, like asking my mom to babysit the kids or checking what times the movies are so that idea was quickly scrapped. For a second, I thought I would be able to decompress and try to get rid of my foul mood. Bah!

I went to Borders and indulged myself with some books. Got a couple of digital SLR photography books, couple of travel book on Thailand and The Devil Wears Prada. I'm about halfway thru "Devil" because I can't put it down and I'm looking forward to the movie.
I posted pictures from Chuck E. Cheese from Thursday...sorry to be so late. Tyler is already telling he's bored because I won't let him play video games today. I'm trying to get him involved in other activites but he can wear me down with his whining. It's gonna be a looong summer.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I haven't posted any pics of my foot so here it is. This was taken when I got home after the surgery (June 16). Notice, the staff wrote "YES" on my right foot to make sure the correct foot had the operation. I did see the podiatrist Tuesday and he said everything looks good. He changed the bandages so now instead of the flesh colored wrap, I now have a lime green wrap. Gotta spice things up.

Remember Tyler's mother's day portrait of me? It was very nice even though it didn't really look like me. Well, this is Hector's portrait from Father's day. Compared to the other dad portraits, Hector got the deep St. Tropez tropical tan. Hector also likes to point out that he has a full head of hair and Lasik/contact lenses! Very cute though.

Last, but not least...a dose of Joshua. This was from our trip to Maui in April. He is going to get an extra 30 minutes of one-on-one occupational therapy time twice a month to work on his sensory sensitivity. He really is adverse to touching modeling clay and fingerpaints. It took him a while to get used to sand on his hands but he doesn't freak out anymore. He starts his summer session on Tuesday until the end of July so he will have plenty to do.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

School's Out is officially done. Joshua had a morning session and the bus was supposed to take him home but for some reason he wasn't on the bus list so I had to retrieve him. Whew...not a big deal but I was trying to catch the last part of Tyler's day too. I had to park far away and slowly make my way to school. I did manage to see his class say goodbye to their teacher and assistant so I'm happy about that. On our way back to the car, another mom Shari was pulling out of her driveway & asked if we wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese with her son Ryan and Laura & her son Glenn. Sure...and then Laura mentions we should try and ask Sheri & her 3 kids. We discussed the car seat situation since Sheri doesn't have a car (her hubby uses it) and we were able to get everyone situated. The kids had a blast and Joshua was addicted to some whack a thing game. He kept coming back to the table for another token, insert the token and let the game begin. I finally had to hide the tokens from him or he would spend them all.

Hector and I are trying to come up with a good idea for a summer vacation. I was thinking San Diego or Big Bear but then our Budget Travel magazine arrived. There is a section called 40 great deals and they really get me eager to hop on a plane. I was all ready to rent a cabin in Big Bear with our other friends to do some fishing, hiking and etc. but woops, that sailed right out of the window. I'm still working on the details but so far, everyone seems to be onboard with my crazy suggestion. The timing is perfect for all of us and the price couldn't get any better. Keep your fingers crossed extra tight!!

Pictures from Chuck E. to follow later today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Now that it's summertime, I got to thinking (dangerous activity) about my summers as a kid. My mom was a single mom who worked full time so I was a latch-key kid starting in the 2nd grade. Since I was an only child, she didn't want me to read cooped up in our apartment every day so she managed to find families from church that would take me on. I hung out at Michelle's who had a great big pool & backyard with a trampoline and treehouse. They even had a swimming instructor come to their house and teach us swimming! They also had a beach house in Newport Beach so I went with them for a few days too. Michelle was really nice but we never really clicked as friends...she was more spoiled and bratty too and I think my mom didn't want me to turn into a brat. So it was on to the next family. Another wealthy family with 3 boys (one was my age) and one girl (teenager). They had a huge pool so Matthew & I swam all day and stopped long enough to eat bologna sandwiches for lunch. I can't remember doing anything else but swim at their house.

Another summer, I spent with my best friend Kathy. They also lived in the same rich neighborhood but didn't have a pool. If we wanted to go swimming, we had to walk to the tennis club about 3 blocks away. Boo. That summer was spent on bikes. We each had a Schwinn bike with the banana seat and rode those things around the cul-de-sac for hours. We did pretend things like play secretary or office and Barbies. We watched The Monkees and picked our favorite guys. I liked Mike and Kathy liked Peter.

My mom did a good job keeping me busy and interacting with other kids. I was already a shy kid so I think it helped me come out of my shell. Kathy and I really clicked in the second grade and that's where I became more outgoing. We continued to be best friends throughout grade school and when she moved to Oregon during freshman year of high school, we wrote letters to each other all the time. We still keep in touch but not as often (unfortunately). So I wonder what memories Tyler and Joshua will get out of this summer?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here is a picture of our neighbor's cat, Mercury. He is a very cool cat and nothing seems to faze him. Tyler and Joshua are always on the lookout for him. Mercury doesn't even run when my kids run toward him full speed; he just sits there and accepts their petting.

And here is Carlos, Hector's older brother, with his new Harley. It is beautiful and it has that nice Harley sound without being super loud. Carlos lives in Vegas so of course he had to cruise the strip to christen the new bike. Now Hector is itching to have a motorcycle...hmmm, we'll see about that! :)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Joshua's get outta my face/paparazzi pose

Tyler's first fish!

And you are?

So yesterday, Hector took Joshua to Walgreen's for a junk food run and the clerk asked H. if he was Josh's granddad. Huh? Of course, Hector wouldn't tell the clerk the answer but he knew I would get a kick out of the whole thing. I do tease Hector about being "older" but he is only 7 years older than me (he's 47). It was a funny incident although maybe just to me.
My foot is okay as long as I keep it elevated. If I'm on my feet for a while, I can feel pressure building up in my foot & it gets uncomfortable. I go into the doctor's Tuesday to get the bandages changed so I hope that will cut down on the bulky dressing. I just have to get thru this week until school is out Thursday. My hectic schedule is almost over...I have a meeting about Joshua's occupational therapy Wednesday and I need to get a spa gift certificate for Tyler's teacher.
We didn't do anything special for Father's Day. The kids made gifts and I got Hector a new timex watch for work. Hector is low maintenance which is great for me. We went to Best Buy to look at dishwashers so maybe I'll finally get one to replace our ancient one. Oh, our niece on Hector's side called from Maryland. She is 13 years old and I have a strong feeling she was trying to wrangle a trip out here. Last summer, Hector flew her out to California for a week and guess who was tour guide? Yeah...she is sweet but man, it was hard trying to entertain a teenage girl and 2 little boys. We must have done some theme/water park every day and I was exhausted. So this year, I had to put my foot down unless Hector took a week off to entertain her.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Ok, I survived my surgery yesterday. They marked my right foot with a Sharpie to make sure that the correct foot would be operated on. I was given some "goodies" in my IV so I started feeling spacey once I went into the OR and then I don't remember anything until they woke me up saying that we were done. My foot was numb until about a few hours ago which is now a dull ache. I've been taking some pain meds but don't like how they make me feel so I'll just take them at bedtime. I was supposed to take it easy this weekend, stay off my feet, elevate my foot and ice it for 15 minutes every hour. Yeah, that lasted until this morning. We took Tyler to his soccer evaluation for the fall season and he did okay. I was kinda nervous because Tyler tends to quit & whine when things are difficult but I had a talk about always trying to do your best...blah, blah,blah.

I took some pain med after his tryout and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. Good thing I only took half a pill. Our friend Matt came over and I was brought along a trip to Mt. Baldy (about 60 miles away) to visit a trout farm where we pay for what we catch. Tyler was really excited about it. The ponds are stocked and divided into large fish and small fish ponds. Matt helped Tyler cast the line and less than a minute, Tyler caught his first fish. Woot. After they fished for about 30 minutes, there were 9 fish in the bucket. The place charges about $1 an inch so the total came out to $74. I don't know is that is good or not but oh well.

So now I am propping my feet up and Hector took off to a party for a bit. The kids are playing video games and staying out of trouble. I don't know what is in store for tomorrow.It's Father's day but I didn't plan anything special.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Final Countdown

Tomorrow is my bunion surgery. After midnight, no food or drink (water included) so that means I'm gonna go pig out at Koji, our fave Korean BBQ all-you-can-eat buffet tonight. Hector informs me that I can't have a final meal at midnight since it kinda messes everything up. They can't take any chances that you will throw up & aspirate which causes a whole other set of problems. Bummer. We'll see if Hector will observe in the O.R. or just wait like family members outside. I forgot to ask if showering is okay after the surgery because my info sheet says to keep the dressing clean & dry. Ugh...

Last week of school! Yay! Yesterday, I helped with the kindergarten park party and was pleased to say it was a success. One of the games was called Dangling Donuts where they hung little mini powdered donuts up and the kids had eat it without using their hands. It was so cute to see them try so hard and end up with powdered sugar all over their faces. I definitely want to use this game at Tyler's next birthday party. I think both the adults and kids will love bobbing for donuts.

Joshua had his field trip to the bowling alley and managed to bowl about 5 frames before losing interest. The kids stopped at the park and they seemed to enjoy that more than the bowling.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mid-Year Crisis

I can't believe that I've blogging for 6 months now. It has been lots of fun for me and reading other blogs inspire me. It exercises my brain to organize my thoughts into a concise idea since I don't get as much adult interaction as I'd like. It's amazing how the internet has changed our lives. There are still many people who do not have computers or internet access. Yes, the internet does suck/waste up a lot of time we could be devoting to more meaningful activites but it has wonderful uses too. I'm amazed when friends or family ask questions that could easily be answered through the internet (personally, I love Google) thinking, "Duh, just Google it!" But I keep my big mouth shut, type it into Google and behold, the answer! Friends & family look over my shoulder as I'm doing this and marvel at the number of sites pertaining to the subject in question. Then a few weeks later, they will call again asking for another answer! And these are the people who have computers!!

So this post goes out to my best friend Kat...because her laptop is at the service center for 2 weeks! No computer for 2 weeks! The battery wasn't holding a charge so it'll take this long to diagnose the problem and fix. My heart goes out to her... but she has Tivo to keep her company and Animal Crossing! Ahhhh, that game is wonderful...for women. You have a character in a town with cute animals and spend your time buying/finding furniture, clothes, and make money by catching fish, bugs etc. I guess people would compare Animal Crossing to Sims but this is much better. I would still be playing if I didn't have kids...Tyler has taken over the video games now.

Hang in there, Kat! What am I doing? You can't read this for another 2 weeks!! :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

My broadband connection has been kinda spastic lately so I haven't been able to post. Don't worry, there hasn't been too much excitement around here. Tyler & Joshua will be done with school next Thursday so I've been trying to organize everything before my foot surgery on Friday. Tyler's class is celebrating the kids birthdays that occur during summer months so Tyler's day is tomorrow. He doesn't want cupcakes or cookies like the other kids. He wants Otter Pops. Boy, I hope I remember to get some tonight so they'll be frozen. Plus I need to buy the needed items for the class party at the park. UGH. Too many things to remember.

Saturday night we took the kids to see Cars at the drive-in. It was packed! I'm glad that we got there early to get a great spot. The movie was good but Hector would describe it as an animated Doc Hollywood (with Michael J. Fox). I didn't notice but once he mentioned it, I 'd have to agree. The kids won't care or know but they will like it a lot.

On Sunday, I went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) with Kat & her mom. We went specifically to see the Gustav Klimt exhibit. I'd say his most famous painting is The Kiss which I have a huge framed print in the dining room. I bought it about 1o years ago from the Z Gallerie and I just wish that I had a proper place to put it. It needs a very large wall and my house doesn't have that. Oh well. Back to Klimt. I will admit, I had no idea of Klimt and his work but it was fascinating. The museum only had 5 paintings but they displayed the facets of his work. Photography was not allowed and it wouldn't have captured the details. I really enjoyed the exhibit and learned about the artist & history.

Sunday night: Dinner at the Chart House. Our friends wanted to take us for a birthday dinner (actually the wife) & Pammy insists that we wouldn't get our presents until we had the dinner. Hello? Our birthdays were in April! They live 5 miles from us but Pammy has to have things a certain way (anal) so we let her have her way. Pammy & her hubby came to our house but they ended up going to restaurant to wait since we had to take the kiddies to my mom's andsupply them dinner. We arrived at the Chart House and we took a quick look around but couldn't find them. I asked the hostess if our party was seated and she said yes but didn't write which table they were at. Then Hector says, " He is a big, goofy guy" and she looked blank but the other girl there pipes up, "Oh yes, I'll show you to the table." LOL. We were busting up because Pammy's husband is really a big (6'7" and goofy-looking) guy. Honest.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

True Love

Ah, memories! It will be our 10 year wedding anniversary this November! Wow. We were going through some boxes in our garage that haven't been unpacked since we moved into this house (almost 7 years). Talk about procrastination. Anyways, most of it was wedding & various photos that brought back memories. We took a 2 week vacation and drove from Los Angeles to Steamboat Springs, CO and back with a long stop in Las Vegas. We stopped at Park City (before it got nuts) to see my college friend Maryanne then on to a dinosaur themed town in Utah (?) and finally Steamboat. We snowboarded for 5 days during which Hector proposed which was a complete shock to me! We had been dating for 5 years with some ups/downs & "taking a break" Then it was on to Vegas for 5 days where we relaxed & gambled. Just seeing those pictures reminded me how far we've come and the family we started together. Sure now, it's harder to have those "completely alone" times together but I can still see the handsome, sweet, funny guy with the 'purdy' eyes who made my life complete and happy.

These pics are old (before digital cameras) so please excuse the bad quality. The pictures were taken around the time we got engaged that's why we have that blissful look! I also want to say the ceiling to floor flower decor is from the Golden Nugget in Vegas although I can say that it no longer exists there anymore!

Monday, June 05, 2006


It's 8am this morning , I 'm getting the kids their breakfast and I hear a knock on the front door. I can see some girls with clipboards outside but ignore them, after all they're obviously not the gas guy or someone important. A couple minutes later, more knocking...jeez, what do they want? I poke my head out (I'm still in my nightgown) and one of these girls starts her song and dance about some children's study aids they're selling. She says, "You must be the busiest mom around here!" Uh, yeah. She's talking as fast she can and I try to get a word in and I finally blurt out,"I'm getting my kids ready for school & not interested, thanks." But amazingly, she keeps talking about my neighbors and if I could help her in showing her which houses have kids so she can skip the retirees. I can't believe she is still trying to get her foot in my door so I told her flat out, "Goodbye & I am closing this door now!" UGH. Not my ideal way of beginning my Monday.

So to get the bad taste of that out of my mouth, here is Joshua flying around with Ann. Ah, to be a kid!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Whirlwind weekend

I can't believe how busy our weekend was, especially Saturday. Torrance city yard had their open house which is trash trucks, firetrucks, police cars and any other city vehicle on display. The kids got to sit on bulldozers and police motorcycles. We learned about recycling and survival kits. The best part for the kids was riding the shuttle bus from the courthouse to the city yard and back.

We grabbed lunch to go and then on to a birthday party for one of Joshua's park buddies. It was lots of fun for everyone but a very warm afternoon. We went back home where Josh and I chilled (he took a nap) and Tyler & Hector went swimming at the YMCA. That took almost 2 hours and then I packed up the truck so we could go see Over The Hedge at the drive-in. With the longer days, the movie didn't get started until 8:15pm so we only watched the one movie and went home. Ice Age 2 was the double feature but we saw it last time. Tyler really enjoyed Over The Hedge but the bear can be a little scary for little ones.

Tyler fell asleep on the way home which is a rare occurence. It had to be all the activities especially the swimming that did him in. Sunday was much more calm. Did some straightening up and folded laundry. I took the kids to see my mom for a bit then did the grocery shopping. I'm already tired and this was just the weekend. It's okay though since we got a lot done ,now I need to get myself organized for this weeks' events. Stay tuned for more hair-pulling moments.

Friday, June 02, 2006

June has only begun and we are booked solid with various activities. I am busy setting up Tyler's end of the year party at school at the park. We have to set up a carnival type game, man it for 6 kindergarten classes, provide lunch & snacks for the class and then clean everything up. We have a couple meetings to get Joshua set up with occupational therapy and additional speech therapy. I decided to have my bunion surgery this month (June 16th) so I have to see my primary care MD and have bloodwork next week. Oh, did I mention that Josh has his fieldtrip the same day as Tyler's park party?

Ok, I can do this. I will not get overwhelmed and stress out. This weekend, we are going to a birthday party and get Tyler registered for church day camp.

Last night I had a nice (kid-free) evening at Chez Melange with other pharmacists. It was a CE (continuing education) for a new insulin but it was nice to catch up with some former co-workers. The big plus was that it was held at a one of my favorites restaurants so I had filet mignon and triple layer chocolate cake. Yum.