Thursday, October 27, 2011

Projects Galore

I finally got some photos of latest projects so have a look and maybe you'll be inspired.

First up is the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf which really takes advantage of the long colorways of Noro. Usually I don't enjoy knitting scarves because I get bored or tired but this one was lots of fun. I think the anticipation of seeing how the colors play out kept me going.

Multi directional diagonal scarf
pretty colors

Multi-directional diagonal scarf
Visually interesting.

I think I will gift this to my SIL for the holidays...she doesn't wear lots of brights so the colors in the scarf should be a nice pop.

Next up is the Snelle Annabelle cowl. This is for Josh's teacher who loves pink. This was another fun knit and only took one day. I like the leaves that go all around.

Snelle Annabelle cowl
Hot pink.

Last, but not least is the Vilai socks. I joined a sock yarn club this year and this is the first pair that I knit with particular brand of yarn.

The colors are gorgeous and the pattern was challenging for me. I had to pay close attention to the chart and it sure paid off. The only think I didn't care for the pooling of colors in the foot portion. The leg chart broke that up  but the pooling will be hidden by shoes so not a big deal. I also knit it a tad short so I will give them to Hannah who has smaller feet.

Vilai socks
Vilai socks

So that brings up the next question, what shall I knit up next?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay really behind

I even finished a couple of knitting projects and haven't posted anything on them or photographed them. Sigh. I completed a multi-directional scarf (Noro) which was really fun and un-boring so I see more in my future. I also knit a Vortex hat, a cowl and my Vilai socks. Oh, that's more than a couple and I am really further behind than I thought.

I like to use real people for my handknits so that's my excuse. More on that later when I have more time....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm still here, just working behind the scenes volunteering at Josh's school, dealing with Tyler's middle school angst and getting ready for Halloween! I was caught a tad flat footed when I realized Halloween is Monday! Yikes!  Yes, Josh has been mentioning (a lot) that we need to decorate (hint, hint Mom) but I've been engrossed in hockey (Kings and fantasy) so it's time to work on other things.

Oh yeah, work has finally begin on our backyard too. Lots of dirt, rocks and junk thrown around with my avocado tree is reduced to a small stick out of the ground. :(
This morning I opened our front door to find a sign taped to it that We've Been Boo'd. What is this? It turns out to be a neighborly gift from someone and to keep it going...
Okay, so I had to run to Joann's anyway and found some little items although I was limited to the cash onhand since their register system was down. Good thing, my mind was functioning as I remembered that I needed to make a tail for Joshua's Yoshi outfit. I also hit Vons for items (pumpkin for Josh's class) & Party City for Tyler's Halloween costume (skeleton) & blue hair spray (tomorrow is spirit day).

Tonight I will be heading to Staples Center with Kathy for some hockey action and maybe I can get caught up by tomorrow. :) I think I need more caffeine.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Lake view with kayakers

The last part of our October weekend trip was the journey home via Yosemite (Tioga Pass). We got the gamut of weather there which ranged from low, gray clouds with snow on the mountains to rain/drizzle to partial sun.  I think we spent approximately 5 hours driving along to the stunning scenery with lots of stops along the way. :)

Olmstead Point in Yosemite

There is just so much to see and we still saw lots of tents/campers taking their camping trips before winter. I lost track of the all the lakes, creeks etc we saw but Olmstead Point was memorable. We stopped to take pictures and the boys even climbed down to the lower area.


Fighting Stance

On the other side of the lookout, there is a trail to another area and Tyler opted out. That's why he is not in the next photos. The path is just rock which still had lots of snow is places which made the walk a tad treacherous but we kept going.


Father/son at Yosemite
The view was totally worth the hike.


Onwards we go toward Bridalveil Falls and the valley. By then, it began raining and the falls adds it own spray to my pictures. There was no way I could avoid the spray/rain but that just adds to our experience! :)


Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite

By Bridalveil Creek in Yosemite

By the middle of the afternoon, the kids and I were just tired of being in the car and the road started getting winding that always gets to Tyler. That part was the least enjoyable but it certainly was a great time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mono Lake and South Tufas

Continuing our jam packed day, I left you with our time in Bodie but wait, there's more ! We passed Mono Lake on our way so that was the next stop. First, we grabbed lunch at Mono Cone, a little walk-up hamburger/hot dog joint with ice cream shakes/malts. It was a nice, satisfying and tasty lunch after Bodie.

But on the Mono Lake, we went back north a mile to the Mono Lake Intrepretive Center where there is a nice exhibit and great view of the lake with the 2 islands, Negit and Paoha islands in the middle of it. There are some nice trails that lead to the shore but I didn't do that although I think Tyler and Hector walked along some of it.

Now time to hop in the car and drive about 8-10 miles south to head for the South Tufas. Another short 1/2 mile walk to the shoreline to see the spectacular tufas. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have (it was a long day). I also have to remember to check my lens for dust since there are lots of dust specks on this batch of photos. They look okay but it's a tad distracting and I have to read up on Photoshop on how to remove them.

The kids seem to have the most fun chasing the alkali flies that rest on the ground near the shore and cause them to swarm away. :)

Anyway, here are some pics and enjoy!

Mono Lake Flickr set is here.




Monday, October 17, 2011

Brief food break

We had a busy weekend so I'm behind on our Sierra adventure but I had to show something else that I've been up to. A while back, my one of Hector's coworkers gave some homemade kim-chi which was pretty awesome. Fast forward to present where I remembered the kim-chi and googled it. I found this kim chi recipe. Luckily we have a Korean market (good sized) that I found the right ingredients.

The recipe is not difficult and one Nappa cabbage (about 2 lbs) yielded about 3 good sized pasta sauce jars full. By Sunday, I was ready to taste my kim chi. We actually tried it ever since I made it the last 2 days but Hector was waiting for the right amount of sourness so I sent Hector off to buy some kalbi ribs to go with our kim chi and rice. Ahhh, it was delightful. :)

The kids love kalbi and rice and we adults thoroughly enjoyed my kim chi and cucumbers. Yum.
Now that I know how to make kim chi, I can impress my friend and family with my prowess. Ha!

Homemade batch of kim chi.

Kalbi ribs, rice and homemade kim-chi.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bodie Adventure

On Sunday, my original plan of visiting Devils Postpile was scrapped because the recent 18+ inches of snow closed down the road. Argh! So we drove up north on Hwy 395 toward Mono Lake and Bodie.

The day was beautiful, sunny and no clouds at all. We followed the signs to Bodie where there is paved road until the last 3-4 miles and it's gravel/dirt road. Along the way, we saw sheep with their shepherd & sheep dogs, mules and beautiful scenery.

There was plenty of cars parked in the parking lot with lots of people but the town is actually bigger than I thought so we didn't have crowds of people clumped at any one place. The town of Bodie is a former mining town and you can read more about it here. 

It really is a fascinating place and a photographer's dream. Hector could have spent all day here while I went off with the kids. If you haven't visited Bodie, you should definitely put it on your list.

So here are photos but you can check out the full set on my Flickr site.

Herd of Sheep

Bodie State Historic Park

Town of Bodie driving in





Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Trip: Autumn

The kids had a 3 day weekend so I though it would be nice to see Mammoth Lakes in the fall since the kids have only seen it covered in snow during winter/spring.

I had good intentions but the Tuesday to Thursday right before our trip brought 18 + inches of snow to Mammoth. Okay. We still drove up Saturday along Hwy 395 and we stopped at Fossil Falls for the first time. My friend Kerin told me about this before so  we made a brief stop here.

Along Hwy 395

It's only about 1/2 mile off the highway and another 0.2 mile easy hike amongst the volcanic rocks to Fossil Falls. The word falls is misleading since there is no waterfall which dried up long time ago and the falls is crevice/ravine 40 feet below ground level. It is very cool to see and the dark volcanic rocks contrast nicely against the golden brush and mountains.

Fossil Falls set of photos.

My guys at Fossil Falls

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Winding Way mitts

It's October and it hit me that I should start some of my Christmas knitting. Unfortunately, Tyler has 6 different teachers so I won't be able to knit for all of them but maybe I can make little ornaments instead just to keep my stress level down a bit.

Winding Way Mitts

I did finish a pair of Winding Way mitts that will go into the gift pile. I originally began these for Joshua's teacher but I found out her fave color is pink so maybe I can knit a pair for her in pink.

I used a very neutral colorway in Noro Silk Garden sock yarn with browns and grays that remind me of winter.

Winding Way Mitts

I really tried to photograph these with my remote trigger since I like to put my knitting into real life situations but it can get difficult. Kind of hard to get both mitts into the frame and look natural. :) This the best I came up with but maybe I can try again.

Winding Way Mitts

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Last week, Hector called asking if he should get tickets to Magic Mountain for Saturday night for a special private event. I said sure but wasn't exactly sure what the kids would be interested in since Magic Mountain specializes in roller coasters and my kids aren't the extreme enthusiasts (yet). But I thought it would be a great chance for them to see what was available and they could make their own decisions.

The park is closed at 6pm to the general public and only the wristbanded people can stay after that. From that point on, the park is practically empty. I don't think we had to wait more than a few minutes. Josh was not eager for a majority of the rides but he was especially pumped up for the Sky Tower (weird, because he is afraid of heights) and the funicular. Add the bumper cars and he was done for the night.

Tyler on the other hand was starting to get more adventurous. He tried the Gold Rusher (even I loved that as a kid) and the Revolution. I don't have pictures to show since it was night and most are blurry. Since we avoided the extreme rides at the park, we went through  the park in 2.5 hours. Yes, we are very efficient.


Bumper Car Fun

Six Flags

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Friday Fun

Hector got a rare day off and it was nice to spend some time together. He got some personal errands done in the morning then we took off to have some target practice.


Target practice

Even on a weekday, the range was half full so there was enough room to spread out a bit. I really like the 38 special which is fun to shoot and easier to load. My wrist get tired after a short time. We then had a nice lunch at Sushimon.

A while ago, our nephew Anthony gave us some coupons for bowling and pizza at one our local alleys. We used a coupon that let us have bowling for 1 hour for 5 people, shoes, one large pizza & 5 medium sodas free. Since we invited Matt too, we also used a buy one, get one free large pizza that really worked out since we demolished 2 pizzas before bowling and Matt took the extra one for Tammy.
Bowling lane

Joshua's bowling attire

Tyler's bowling pose

The kids wanted bumpers on the lane but that meant we all had to use the bumper too. Tyler is extremely competitive so he started to pout when he was in last place. Ugh, so that meant Hector antics to liven things up. He ended up throwing his ball into the adjacent lane (twice) and both kids busted up laughing. Comedy relief. But we had to ask the desk to release the ball and after the second time, Hector noticed his bowling ball was broken. It has a nice puncture in it.

Well, it's time for photos now....

Hector bowling

Tyler's bowling form

Ball return

Bowling Moves