Monday, April 04, 2016

Buddy RIP

It's been a while since Buddy passed and I saw V the other day at the high school's music gathering. She mentioned that they got another dog and asked for any pics I had of Buddy.


I'm sure I have more but I'm horrible at tagging my photos or any sort of organization.

Friday, April 01, 2016


I have a love for Youtube. I admit it. I can find certain knitting technique tutorials that are super helpful. I watch beauty and makeup tutorials. I love some vlogs too. You can find practically anything on Youtube and I stumbled across people living in Japan that post fun, interesting and helpful tips.

Since hubs will be travelling to Japan soon, I find it interesting to see what is recommended in case there are things we haven't known about.

To summarize for my hubs who can't watch these at work:

Google Translate has a camera function that you can use to translate kanji or hiragana. Take a picture, highlight the word and it will translate it for you. I think that is pretty neat.

Many public bathrooms do not have soap or paper towels so you may want to carry hand sanitizer and/or a hankerchief/face cloth to dry your hands. Or wave them around as my kids did.