Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Happy New Year!!!

So much going on...I was actually trying to upload my video to edit and for whatever reason, I can't see it on my computer but I can see it on my camera viewer. I'll blame it on my Mac newbie status for now. I'll try uploading it onto a PC and go from there.

Meanwhile, you can make do with some photos.

I took the kids to Brian Head, Utah to to meet up with some friends that have a cabin up there. The weather was great which made the drive nice and uncomplicated.  Our friends' cabin is up a steep hill which is luckily plowed in for the last 5 years otherwise we'd have to park at the bottom and snowmobile all our stuff & us up to the cabin. 

The cabin is comfortable yet rustic. There are solar panels which power a bank of golf cart batteries to provide our necessary electricity in addition to a generator for emergencies.  More on that later. There are also gas lamps for night time use. No wifi. Our heat came from a wood stove. A 7 gallon water heater so showers were speedy.

It was a big adjustment for all of us but overall, it was a good experience. Once our phones/devices died, we had to entertain ourselves with books and board games!! Gasp!
It was a nice change of pace and I got a lot of knitting done. 

 One day the kids went tubing and another day was spent skiing. We put the kids to work helping stock the wood pile, shovel the deck and install new golf cart batteries. The batteries had to be replaced since the previous ones were probably over 15 years old and having issues holding  a charge. Plus I think all our electronics really made it more apparent. The kids were good sports, playing Yahtzee and building Legos. 

We had plenty of room for all of us and pretty much all the comforts of home. I'll need to get going on the video so enjoy this for now...