Monday, April 30, 2012

History Project

My oldest son has a history project to find and take pictures of the 3 types of Greek columns in our area. He has to take and print the pictures in black and white, paste them on black construction paper and caption them.

Sounds like fun and a bit of a challenge to find. The teacher said to look around in our area and some students gave us our first clue. Torrance High.

So off we went after karate class which is only a few blocks away and the future high school of my boys. :)

Corinthian Column example
Corinthian column

Corinthian column example 2

It's a good lesson to really pay attention to the things around us because we might see some really cool details. It's also amusing because Tyler kept reminding me that the pictures needed to be in black and white so I kept telling him that we can change that in the computer. :)

The other 2 types were where our investigative skills came into play. Google helped but some of the places are kind of far. I did see a mention of the Inglewood Park Cemetery which is nearby so off we went to explore.

As soon as we drove in, I slowly rolled by and right away, Tyler says, "Over there!" This place has some really old crypts and headstones/monuments which is totally cool. I didn't even know this cemetery was here just past Hollywood Park and The Forum.

Ionic column example

He spotted the ionic style column right away so Tyler was pretty excited. I said that I would continue to drive around and see what else he could find. :)

Well, Tyler found the doric style too. It was fun to see the kids get involved and entertained. Josh was reading the inscriptions while doing math calculating how long people lived or how long ago a person passed away. Education!

Doric column example

Inglewood Park cemetery

It was a gorgeous day to spend with the boys...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday morning

Good morning! It's a lovely Sunday morning and my good mood is from the awesome Kings win last night capped by our nephew Alex's 40th birthday!! We were running late as usual and listening to the game on the radio. It was a tight game until the very end and we stayed in the car to listen to the last 5 minutes of the game. Yay!!

It was great to see family and have lots of tacos and good conversation. Lately we've been dealing with more serious issues but we have family to love and support us. :)

Also, I finished my 2nd pair of socks for the March challenge. I started 2 pairs in the month of March and had until the end of April to complete them. I finished the mystery socks in March but the 2nd pair bogged down for a bit. I managed to get some knitting mojo going and they are done. :)

Eunice socks

Very complicated looking with cables but it wasn't too bad. The pattern is Eunice by Cookie A and her designs are gorgeous and definitely challenging. I am keeping these for myself since the yarn is super lush and soft. It should be with some cashmere in there!! I wore them last night to the party and my feet were happy.


I think this is another first for me with a patterned heel too . Hopefully, it will last a long time so I can enjoy these socks. :)

May is coming up and another mystery sock challenge should be fun.

Friday, April 27, 2012

posting again

It's kind of funny how I 'forgot' my blog while my computer was out for repairs. Not really forgotten but way in the back of my mind. Hockey playoffs have taken over my waking hours along with knitting and everything else is low priority. ;) My LA Kings won their series relatively fast compared to other teams so I'm slowly getting back to blogging and photography.

Well, I'm here and trying to finish up a pair of socks before the end of April. I'm almost to the toe so the end is in sight. I really want to keep this pair since the yarn has cashmere in it which is luscious and soft. Off to knit now...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

spring break

My computer is still MIA and it appears it needs a new hard drive which will be its third in 3 years. I think it needs some kind of immunosuppressants so the next hard drive won't be corrupted (again).

Meanwhile, I'm using Josh's computer to do my usual computerly things, like check hockey story lines etc and look at ravelry. Important stuff. :)

We had a nice spring break and it was just nice to get away from it all if it only was for a few days. The weather didn't cooperate in remembering that it is spring and instead gave us winter conditions with lots of snow and chilly temperatures which is good for the mountain but for us, shorter days snowboarding.

It snowed every day when we arrived and stopped when we left. Friday was an off day for us and look how much snow accumulated on our truck. Hector spent an hour digging the car out so that was his activity for the day.

It was nice to come back home to SoCal and pack all the snow clothes away although Mammoth is open until Memorial Day weekend so we still have some time to think about it. :)

But there are other things going on right now and that is NHL playoff hockey. For the 3rd year in a row, the LA Kings are in the playoffs and they're looking to get past the 1st round. We are pitted against the #1 seed in the West Canucks and tonight will be game 4.

Kat and I went to game 3 and it was thrilling. We won 1-0 and that was awesome. Hector and I watched the first games at Mammoth and there was lots of cheering going on. the Kings need one more win to head to the next round. :)
I took this picture during warm-ups and there were lots of Canucks fans hoping for a win. I remember a lot more Canucks fans at the playoffs a couple of years ago, but this year there were more LA fans. That's encouraging to see. GO KINGS GO!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012


Having computer issues and now using our little netbook which is okay but the tiny screen is annoying after a while. My computer won't connect to the internet and just refuses to cooperate. ugh.

Meanwhile, I'm back to knitting another baby sweater for the friend who is having twin girls. This one is going really fast, I'm on the first sleeve so it's coming along nicely. :)

Today is Hector's birthday! Happy Birthday honey! :)

Tonight the Kings are playing their last home game at Staples center and we need to seal our playoff position. STAT!! It's also fan appreciation night so hopefully, one of us will get something cool.