Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer of socks

I slowed down on my sock knitting but I am still trying to knit when I can. I'm also test knitting a sock pattern for my very first time. It's simple enough but it involves colorwork  and I have lots of leftovers to use up . :)

Stranded Monsters: test knit

Stranded Monster socks. I have lots of pinks/purples to use up so this will be a nice gift later at Christmas time. The leg portion is getting too long for my tastes so I'm sure I can convince one of my nieces to adopt them. :)

Meanwhile, I'm working a baby kimono for some friends' new baby girl which is almost complete. Then I can back to knitting some more socks...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Go Speed Racer

Several years ago, both kids were really into Speed Racer which was made into a movie. We had Speed Racer Hot Wheels and every type of Mach 5 available.

The other day when the boys and I took a short hike in Palo Verdes, we got back to the parking lot to see this.

Mach 5 Saturn version

I was super excited but both kids didn't seem as excited so I just took a quick shot of it. It seems that the owner is a huge Speed Racer fan.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Mona Socks

My sock knitting has slowed down a bit because Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out last month and that has taken up a lot of time. More on that later...

I did finish a pair of socks which took about 6 weeks to complete.

Bright Mona socks

Mona Socks: stitch definition

Yellow socks with some super bright neon yellow bits with some khaki brown. The pattern was well written although the yarn kind of obscures the pattern. Still a nice pair of socks to go into the gift pile.