Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hat Heads- Guitar Hero

Here is a hat that I finished last night. I originally made it for 'someone' who is an adult than changed my mind since it started looking smaller and kid-sized. I kept trying it on Josh since he has the kid sized head in this family of big heads. For the record, this hat does fit me too but I think it's more kid style. I took pictures of Josh wearing the hat since he is my model and now he wants it. I guess I should take a hint since the hats I made lately, Josh asks if it is for him. He even asks if the hat is bright pink and definitely for a baby. It suits Josh and it'll be nice and warm since I use 3 different colors of yarn which get carried along the inside so the hat is thick and cozy.

Do you want of piece of me?

Side view of hat while in mid-lick of watermelon Ring Pop.

October Socks

So far behind in sock knitting but I did manage to finish a pair for October.
Jawoll sock yarn that I got on sale. Yay! I've switch my knitting to hats which can be quick and easy but I'm ready to start some socks. I finished a scarf for Josh's teacher and will knit the other scarf for Tyler's teacher after Budapest.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So much is going on yet I don't seem to get much done. Does that even make sense?
But knitting continues....

like a knitted vase cozy! My cousin Hannah moved into her newly renovated home so I thought she could use more knitted items but home decoration items. It's a standard vase from Target but dressed. Hannah you have my permission to do whatever you like with it! This might not be the style for some but there you go,,,

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Monster Bear

I've wanted to try knitting little stuffed animals out of my leftover yarn or whatever I had on hand for a long time. Yesterday I finally gathered up what I needed yarn-wise and started the Monster Bear pattern out of 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book. Some 100% wool yarn, size 10 needles and soon the bear was complete. I think it took all of 1.5 to 2 hours to knit. Today I went to Michaels for the polyfill and some eyes. I spent about same amount of time to sew and stuff the bear. It didn't help that I had to redo the leg placement about 3 times otherwise the bear would be seriously deformed.

Here he is after being assembled. See, he is sausage-like with limbs. Not too bad left like this but wait, there's more!

I throw bear into a pillowcase, tie a knot and wash him in the hot water cycle of the washing machine with an old towel. Agitation along with the hot water causes the 100% wool to shrink or felt obscuring the stitches and shrinking it.

Once I have him felted to my liking, I fast forward to the spin cycle to get most of the water out and voila! My Monster Bear!

Isn't he cute? He is more egg shaped now but still adorable.

Party People

This past Saturday we were invited to a retirement party for one of Hector's colleagues. We arrived just in time for a huge luau feast complete with a whole suckling pig. Hector made spam musubi (for the 1st time) and we had a great time. Lights, atmosphere, DJ, lots of people and tons of food made a terrific occasion. The boys found a friend to play with.
60-100 people were there.

We didn't stay too long but we really enjoyed ourselves. I tried some Korean and Vietnamese food that was sooo tasty. I tried to to taste everything so I got small amounts but I wish could've eaten more!!:)