Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Snapchat snapshot

I love this!

Hilarious! Snapchat amuses me more than it should. Woof. You'll see more of Phil because Snapchat and/or my camera doesn't like black cats.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Latest Knits

Little owl

This is from last month and I couldn't post it since I didn't want my niece to see it before the baby shower. Her boyfriend really loves owls so I thought this would be perfect for them. It just so happens that my cousin has an Etsy shop called Tilbyen. I ordered the owl bib and blanket. So adorable and my niece/boyfriend love it!!

Unforunately I wasn't able to get photos of it so you'll have to believe me.

Another view of Petal Showers hat. #texture #knit

Here is a pretty hat with lots of texture to show off the yarn. The pattern is called Petal Showers Hat available on Ravelry.  I have since added a pompom because I think hats look better with a topper of some sort but that's just me.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016


Here is the video link to How to paint  a Heart with tissue paper. Now that I see it again, I may want to add some black ( I think I used purple) to the edges too! :)

Give it a try !

Artsy or Crafty

I had a break in knitting because I've been neglecting painting etc. It's nice to shift and focus on something else creative.

I'm a huge fan of Youtube because I can find tutorials, techniques and DIY ideas. I searched beginning painting and numerous  videos popped up. It's like having your own personal online school. 

Watching these videos sparked my painting urges...I learned about adding texture with tissue paper to my painting so that was a fun learning curve. Some videos are short (15 minutes) or long ( 1 hour +). It's just a great learning tool.

So back to painting...

Crafty day. Watercolor sunset/palm trees card.

I dabble in watercolors too but I find it a bit harder since I'm impatient with blending colors and my technique can be much better. This greeting card was lots of fun. I paint on some card stock that is meant for photos so that is most likely my problem but I work with what I have. 

This next painting is using the tissue paper technique. I found a canvas board that was pretty ugly so I covered it up with this.

Textured acrylic painting using tissue paper. Lots of fun but need some patience for drying in between.

I will put up another post with the Youtube link....this was a really fun experience for me. I love that everyone can do this and put their individual touches on it. As we try to teach the kids in Adventure in Art that there is no wrong. It is your art and it's unique and wonderful. This may be hard for lots of people to accept but it should be fun. This is recreation for me. If my friends/family like it, then I have a gift for them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm Back

Sorry for being out of it but I'm back and focusing on some projects.

There are so many things I want to do and not enough time or I need time to prepare/plan/execute but I will get to them.

#philthecat appreciates my #knitting

I can't remember if I posted my small lap blanket knit from scraps. I used the seemless neverending supply of worsted weight yarn to knit a colorful blanket. Well, this blanket attracts the cats like catnip and to be honest, it's fine with me since I wanted them to have their own blanket so they hopefully leave my nice squish blanket alone (it's wrapped up away from the cats).

So I just put the blanket on top of a beach towel, tucked the ends underneath forming a cat bed. They love it! Phil is the usual occupant of the bed but I do see Shadow on it a couple of times. 

Nice to see #shadowthecat enjoy #knitting also. #philthecat looks put out.

Above is proof that Shadow still exists. That mangled knit ball has been a fave of the cats since we adopted them. I keep patching it up and they keep tearing away at it.

Chasing Rainbows blanket (pre-blocking) using leftover #yarn

Here is the entire blanket minus cats. The pattern is called Chasing Rainbows on Ravelry and it's free. My version is definitely scrappy and random. The original version has stripes about 8 rounds each but I just kept knitting and adding yarn when I ran out. A wonderful stash & scrap buster.

Speaking of stash, I was searching in my vast yarn cupboard/closet looking for another project and I was sort of stunned (for a second) at my worsted weight stash. Um, I think it'll be year of the hat and blankets this year if my wrist holds up. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I'm slowly dipping my big toe into video and what's cuter than cat videos?? Here are my two cats, Shadow and Phil. These videos are filmed on my iPhone 5s and edited with a free app called Pocket Video that is easy and can be done on your phone.

As you can see, I can add text, graphics and music and much more.  It's a start and I'm having fun with it. Hopefully, my skills will become better with practice as most things in life. Thanks for watching.

This video is from my Sony a6000 camera. Looks good so far but I need some editing software because I have some ideas running around in my head. :)