Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Roundup

Just catching up since we've been pretty busy with everything!

Round up in photos time!

Here we go...

Mm, Apple shochu in little frozen apples.

Hector and I went to an amazing yakitori here in Torrance. Reservations a must. I tried the apple sochu which comes with frozen apple cups that you eat afterwards. Really good. the food there was excellent.


Fun with cats were harmed during this photoshoot.

Shadow came back home slightly stinky so he got his first bath.
Shadow had some sort of encounter one night so he needed a bath. You can see Phil's concerned paw on the edge of the sink. No humans were harmed during this bath period.

So handsome now the hair is cut and out of his eyes!!
Josh got a haircut. No children were harmed although the kids beg to differ.

#Philthecat tries to push me down the stairs. ↙️

Phil attempted to 'shove' me down the stairs. I was not harmed.

Cozy. Rainbow Falls. I love this scenery. #hwy395

Had a nice weekend in Mammoth! Everyone survived.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nail Clippers

On one of my recent posts I raved about some 'life changing' Japanese nail clippers and I was asked about them. Unfortunately I didn't save the packaging mostly because I couldn't read it.

I did the next best thing and took pictures of the nail clippers. So here are some close ups..

Size comparison of Revlon vs Japanese clippers

The bottom nail clipper is your average typical Revlon nail clipper that can be purchased in any drugstore. Small and hard to hold which I never really put much attention to in my life. We have another bigger clipper that I think are for thick toenails but that's another issue.

Side view of Revlon nail clippers

Here is the Revlon clippers in a side view. The angle of the blade is about 45 degrees and usually when you cut the nail, you can hear an audible sound. Sometimes it may take a few tries to cut through the nail and I don't have thick nails.

Front view Japanese nail clippers

Front view of Japanese clipper...very sturdy and easy to hold. Compare the two top portions and you can see how much bigger the Japanese lever is which takes less effort to press/cut.

Now for the hardest part, showing the side view since the blade is very sharp and thinner my camera didn't like focusing on it but I think you can get the general idea of how sharp the blade really is.

Side view:Japanese clippers

I removed the black cover also otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the blade.
It's funny to think how much better the Japanese clippers are just by tweaking some things. These clippers shouldn't split/crack your nails either.

I remember we bought these in the Akihabara. There are multi-level stores ( like 5+ stories) and just go to the cosmetic/beauty area where strange facial machines are and there are much smaller shops that have fewer items but packed into a single space.. The shops in that area are pretty  much the same, either anime/cosplay based or electronics.

I hope this helps when you ever go to Japan...pick up another set for me please!! ;)

Friday, May 15, 2015

El Primero del gang

Two days in a row!! This for my honey who showed me this to me. We were talking about Morrissey and H sent this to me later...

For those who are not familiar, Morrissey has a huge Mexican fanbase so this is the next step up from a tribute band. :) It's Mexrrissey!

This recording isn't the best but I love this song. From what I understand, Morrissey wrote this song to acknowledge his Mexican fans. :) It's even better since my honey's name is in it. Such a silly boy!

Here is a compilation of songs in much better quality...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Japan: Shibuya & Tokyo International Forum

We only stayed in Tokyo for 4 days but managed to cram a lot in since I'm still posting about it. This outing is in Shibuya which a massively popular place for shopping and people watching. It was raining that afternoon so the crowds are not as large. As I go over my photos, I notice the common theme of Tokyo being so huge that one photo cannot properly show how much is crammed into a space. Everywhere you look, there is another sign, billboard, restaurants located from basement level to 5 floors up and shopping. It is sensory overload to the maximum.

Hachiko statue

First stop was to find Hachiko. I didn't want to fight our turn for a photo so I just made do with this one.

Enough of me yapping since I'm sure you rather see the pictures...


Crossing Shibuya



We did not spend a long time here because we're not big shoppers so it's on to the Tokyo International Forum. Like most of the places we wanted to see, we took many twists and turns to get there. The journey involves lots of asking directions which we appreciated and one security guard helped us in the underground mall to find the correct escalator. 

Of course, it began raining harder but we had a short way to cross the street and into the building. I'm not sure what this building is used for but it looks like it has many meeting rooms and I could be entirely wrong. It is a huge building with lots of glass and metal reminiscent of a ships hull which is pretty cool. Add in another mile of walking in order to see it from every angle.

Tokyo International Forum

Start the journey to the left and walk all the way around up a gradual ascent to the walkways zigzagging over head.



So much to look at...




After all this walking, we found a vending machine for refreshment! 





Thursday, May 07, 2015

Japan: Tokyo food

When travelling, food is an important part of that trip. We remember  the food we ate as much as the activities too. Well, in Tokyo we found a little gem that we frequented several times in our short stay.

Our first night when we arrived, Josh & Hector went out in search of food while Tyler and I crashed in our rooms.They found this place just down the street from our hotel.  Another night, Hector and I enjoyed a dinner together and the following night the entire family went to celebrate our last night before heading to Kyoto.

We have had some experience with izakayas at home which range from the food stand variety to the full on restaurant complete with screaming employees (not angry, just very very very LOUD).

Chicken & green onion skewers

Kids at izakaya

one man show


Family Izakaya pic

Besides the vending machines, this is the place where we'll remember our Tokyo food that had great chicken skin that Josh devours and that Tyler tried the pork tongue and enjoyed it. :)