Monday, August 05, 2013

Stranded Socks: test knit

This is my absolute very first test knit that I have done. :) I'm pretty pleased with myself and the results. Square [j] jane on Ravelry posted  her pattern on the Monstersocks group called Stranded Socks so I jumped on board as soon I saw them.  Monstersocks is a nickname given to socks made of various leftovers but the name is misleading since a huge majority of the socks are beautiful and not ugly like monsters.

Well, I have a huge container (former cheeseball container) full of leftover yarn. The pattern only calls for 4-5 colors (I believe) but I selected colors for contrast so each socks has a slightly different look but that was mostly because I had one color that I was too lazy to divide into two. ;)

Squarejane Stranded socks finished

This was such a great pattern to knit and I wanted to keep knitting to see everything emerge. I think I could have finished these a lot sooner if other stuff didn't get in the way.

Another view of stranded socks

Heel/leg view

Happy Stranded Socks