Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday is Here!!

Cute video of a young Boston Bruins fan getting fist bumps from the team.

Also I've been trying my hand at nail art which is lots of fun. My results do not come out like the videos but my nails look decent and I've gotten a couple of compliments on them.

Not too bad. My polka dots need work but I'll take it!

@missjenfabulous So happy! My best so far! #nailart

My 80's graffiti #nailart inspired by @missjenfabulous

This is the person I follow on Youtube and she has many pretty & cool designs. I tried the second one but used black as the base color for that 80's vibe. Not as pretty but from far away, my nails look cool. I  obviously need improvement on my stripes. So many videos to watch and try!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Life Goes On


I honestly feel bad about neglecting my blog for long stretches of time. Life stuff happens and one must deal with it as best they can.

I'll share this just to get it off my chest and I don't usually post heavy things. My mom has been in declining health for a while and this summer, I (we) couldn't ignore it any longer. In August, my mom's iron level was getting dangerously low and an incident with her car (while it was parked) at the doctor's appointment, made us come to the difficult decision of not letting her drive anymore.

This has been added stress to me as the only child and there were some difficult moments of adjustments for all of us. After 3 months, we settled into a routine that suits everyone. It brings back memories of H and L caring for their mother when she needed it. Decisions to be made. Lots of repeated explanations but we carry on. It hasn't gotten to a serious stage yet but the upcoming holidays make life take on extra meaning.

My mom took care of me and keeps on giving us love & advice which can bug but we know her heart is in the right place. So I cherish the time I have with my mom and enjoy what we share together. :)

So be nice to your family and friends, they may not be perfect but deep down, hopefully their hearts is in the right place towards you.

And since I'm posting, I might as well get to the lighter things now.  I knit when I can...the whole family came down with the nasty cold with H & I suffering the most. We actually got real rain in SoCal in I don't even remember when it rained last here. Josh has his school fundraiser and like usual the parents stepped up and sold 51 orders of cookie dough. His goal was 15 orders to he can go in a party bus to In n Out! Well, H's work always comes through and he sold the majority to them. I'm ecstatic because we get another Sector 9 skateboard with 50 orders.

I picked up a paintbrush to try and continue on with my Van Gogh painting. It is very time consuming (in a good therapeutic way) and I need lots of natural light to see the tiny numbers/areas.

I'm thankful to Hector...our 18th anniversary is coming up on Sunday! We have something planned and with kids have Monday/Tuesday off, I will have them for some fun time planned sort of last second.

Hopefully I can get motivated with photography again. I miss it.

Carry on...  :-)