Friday, November 30, 2012

Skull Hat

I wasn't planning on knitting specific items for family/friends this year because it's too much stress but that urge does always strike and I have to push that feeling down. This year I specifically knitted gifts for Josh's teachers and as I knit throughout the year I put some items into the grab bag for Christmas. It is a pretty small pile and I'm still not trying to panic because some people will not get something.

Our friend Matt has been the recipient of several hats over the years and I guess he hasn't got one in a couple of years because he texted me thanking me for all the hats I've knitted him. A gentle reminder. :)

So I knit him this hat yesterday. Yes, it only took me one day but that's a day of doing absolutely nothing but knit. It turned out fabulous and I think he'll love it whe he receives it for Christmas. Part of knitting is having the recipient love the item as much as I do. He/she will wear it and appreciate it.

I put a lot of time/effort into everything I knit and I want to think that it comes through. It's made to be worn/used and I know Matt will appreciate it. So here I present the Skull hat.

Skull Hat

Skull hat2

Matt will look really cool in his skull hat driving his Cobra around. :)

In Dulci Jubilo

Getting in the mood for Christmas and here is something slightly different than our typical Christmas songs.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Over the weekend, we headed out for an outing to Mt. Wilson in the Angeles National Forest. It had been a while for me since the last time which I think was defnitely before kids. :)

There is an observatory up there with lots of hiking trails to explore. The kids had a great time walking around looking for sticks and lizards.

Here are the photos...

Downtown LA

Greater LA

Mt. Wilson

Josh on a stump

Solar telescpoe



Tejeda men/boys

All the photos were taken by Hector except the last one. I was trying to practice with the rangefinder so hope to get those developed soon. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

8-Square socks

I said it before and I'll say it again...Ravelry is a wonderful site. My creativity is challenged and the possibilities are endless!!

I remember those knitted slipper socks with the pom pom at the toes that elderly friends of my mom knit for us and I don't particularly care for that style. With the sudden cold spell my feet want to have something toasty and while I have lots of knitted socks, I don't want to wear them around on the tile etc and wear them out. Duh! I could really use some slippers.

So off I went to search Ravelry and I found this pattern. 8-sqare socks. I can use up various worsted weight yarn I've collected over the years too.

8 squares socks layout

This pattern is adjustable to fit the wearer and the trickiest part is seaming it together correctly. I made a mistake and had to undo the seam which is a PITA so I suggest pinning it all together then seam. It's trippy how this strip of knitted squares will transform into a slipper but it does!!

8-square socks

8-square socks

Aren't these cute?? Joshua saw them and immediately wanted some...I think I can use sock yarn doubled up to get worsted weight so I will try that for Josh's pair.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ready for Thanksgiving weekend and looking forward to spending it with our family. I'm sure it will be emotional but therapeutic just to be with one another. We really do have so much to be thankful for and the timing couldn't be better.

The kids are so excited to have their aunt, uncle and cousins with us tomorrow and connect. :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November catching up

Getting through another hectic and emotional week just in time for the holidays so hold on to your hats.

Tyler made honor roll again and last year because of scheduling I was never able to see him receive his award but for 7th grade the time slot would work out perfectly. Well, that's what I get for assuming because the school changed the times again and I would have to do some quick driving back in forth to make it. I had to drop off Tyler first so he would there for the ceremony, drive Josh to school at 8:30am then drive back to catch what I could of the ceremony.
Honor Roll ceremony

I walked into the cafeteria to see him already standing on stage so I was able to take a few photos. Also in addition to this hectic morning, we had to bring in Tyler's science project and his potluck dessert of mini pumpkin cupcakes. He thought he would be able to drop them off in the classroom but the teachers are in their in-service meetings Tuesday mornings. Ugh. Luckily, he found his friend G to watch over it during this time. :) Phew.

Apple Core blanket
I have been knitting but not as much as I like but here is the latest. I finished the Apple Core blanket which can be used for a small lap throw (believe me, I used it for this purpose while stitching it all together) or a baby carrier blanket that can convert to a security blanket. I only took one photo so I definitely need to have another photo shoot with it. It took me about 1.5 days to get the I-cord edge on there and I really like it. I can't imagine how long it would take if this was a bigger blanket.

My November MOCK (mystery sock) with the challenge as Texture. A side story with this particular yarn because it's one of the earlier sock yarns I purchased way back when so the ball band is long lost so it is really a mystery yarn.

Next this yarn is fickle...I really like to find the perfect pattern for the yarn (for the most part) and this yarn has been started, frogged and restarted numerous times.  It's very thin and when knitted up, it doesn't feel very good. Very rough and scratchy.

So this yarn has been without a purpose until this month I noticed the mystery socks were named Moody stockings ( more after Mad Eye Moody vs. being moody like me) but I thought it was perfect because this yarn is definitely moody like me and I will finish these socks with this yarn. I guess I will keep them for myself just because I went through so much trouble to even find the right pattern but they'll be a reminder of their moodiness.

Mystery yarn

Look, even the color conveys moodiness but dang it, I don't like knitting with it.

MOCK: Novemeber mystery socks = Moody stockings.

Here are the socks somewhere around Clue 1 (Clue 3 was just released) so I have some knitting to do.
The texture made with the knits and purls are hard to see but like I said before...these WILL be knitted.

Watch, when I complete them they'll turn out to be my absolute favorite pair of handknit socks. Some hair conditioner should soften them up...

Friday, November 16, 2012

There is a Light that never goes out

It's been a rough year for our family, losing 2 dear family members who will be missed tremendously.

Healing begins and  memories cherished a lifetime.

When I feel down, I turn to Morrissey naturally....

Today is a perfect day to listen to all of his music and mope...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I decided to start knitting these armadillos again. So here is the latest one.

Another knitted armadillo

Armadillo sideview

Cute armadillo

Trying to use up my yarn stash so that's the reason for its unusual color scheme. ;)

Three day weekend

Had a nice anniversay weekend considering we have been dealing with H's mother's health declining rapidly etc. H & I went to our favorite steak place Morton's to check it out since they were bought out by Landrys.

Overall, the steak & food was very good with some slight tweaks to their restaurant/menu that we noticed since we've been going their for over 10+years. I think we will try some other steak places next time to see how they compare but the reason why we loved Morton's is for their high quality/consistency. I don't even think we've been unhappy or dissatisfied with their food/service in our experiences.

I took the kids to see Wreck It Ralph and it was great! Great storyline for both kids and adults alike and definitely an instant classic. The kids loved spotting video/arcade game characters and references. I know several viewings will reveal more that we missed. Tyler and I got the Beard Papa reference which was kind of funny.

I also dove into the realm of baking cupcakes which I blame on my cousins when they shared this cupcake site. I really never got into the whole cupcake trend where I know I'm several years late but I know they're overpriced etc. I don't have a super sweet tooth but the concept of cupcakes is appealing. A small sized cake with some frosting and it works for me. It must have been the fantastic photos on the website along with 33 recipes for those speciality type cupcakes that are sold in bakeries. I can bake a dozen cupcakes, keep/try a few then give the rest away to moms/kids I know. :)

I baked the pumpkin and the apple cupcakes which were a big hit with everyone that tried them. Tyler especially liked the pumpkin ones while my friend Laura chose the apple as her fave. And the best part is that the recipes are quite simple and I have most of the ingredients already. :)

Sorry for the lousy iPhone pics but I didn't plan it too well. Hmm, I have some cupcakes in the fridge so maybe I can take some decent pics. :)

Pumpkin & Apple cupcakes
Better pic

Friday, November 09, 2012

Dont' Tell Me

I don't know how many people would know this song or band but Hector and I do which is why we connect. We're soulmates!! Eyeroll (inside joke)...

And today Hector and I celebrate 16 years of marriage...awwww. And this was our first song/dance at the reception which just seemed like yesterday.

I know it sound cliche but we are soulmates and best friends. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. Love you my silly Cheeseboy!! :)


Thursday, November 08, 2012


I love Instagram and now you can view my profile and see what I post.

For the month of November, I'm posting a pic a day that follows a certain theme. I have to find the original list if you like to join in....

El Perro

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Quintessence II socks: in progress

It's November and another sock challenge for me. I chose this pattern called Quintessence II which uses worsted weight yarn so the knitting goes along much faster. I started on the 1st and am already past the heel and decreasing the gusset.

The pattern has a unisex look to it which is not too fussy for the man who likes things simple.

I also like how the pattern continues down the heel but I'm not sure how practical these socks will be for wearing purposes but they'll make some really nice house/slipper socks for the winter.

Quintessence II heel

Our weather has been kind of weird in that it was super hot a few days ago and now we're supposed to drop about 30 degrees and possible rain.

Back to knitting after some lunch...


Feeling a bit down, sad and battered....moving forward.

No, it has nothing to do with the election results.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Long Beach Comic Con/Horror Con

I heard about this con on the radio and Hector also brought it up earlier this week and since the kids & I were free on Saturday, we decided to go.

We've been to the Anime Expo a couple of times and last summer we experienced the big mega Comic Con in San Diego just on the fringes and the kids seemed to be more and more interested so a smaller con would be a good starting point.

It's a also a huge plus that Long Beach is practically in our backyard so we didn't have to deal with a long drive with hotel too. This is their first con to dress in cosplay too and I tried to prepare them to take lots of photos and that other people might ask too (but it was for mostly me).

Link and Finn
The kids are ready to hit the con!!
Kids at LBCC
Inside the lobby posing in front of the banner. Heh, I didn't notice Josh cutting off Tyler's face when I shot this!
We got there around 11 am and the floor wasn't too crowded yet. The kids brought their 3DSs to see if they would get any street tags so that added another level of fun to their day.

Link at LBCC
Finn at LBCC
One of the many aisles The exhibit floor

Here are the photos from when we entered the con but by mid afternoon, the place was crowded.

Some serious Lego


Lego art

 A LEGO section displaying some serious workmanship and creativity.

Lego Moogles
Tyler had to explain some things to me. Like Kingdom Hearts. :)
But on to the cosplay....lots of characters running around and posing for pictures if you ask. :)

Starting my boys off early to pose with lovely cosplay babes. :)
And Wolverine for the ladies....
There was a long walkway inside to rooms set up for various panels and comfy chairs/sofas to lounge on .

Link and Finn
Checking their 3DSs.
It was  a nice and relaxing con that we walked through the aisles slowly at our own pace to check prices and various things I didn't see the first times.



Batman and Joker
Some people take their cosplay to another level to be a showstopper.
Josh with Sasquatch
Then everyone wants to take a pic with you.
Several Links at the con but only managed this photo.
The kids had enough at about 4 hours and were ready to leave but overall they had a good experience and


Done for the day

Then they went home....

Friday, November 02, 2012

Destination Unknown

another song from the 80's...Missing Persons was one of my first cassette tapes I bought. The other was Sparks. :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012


A short post with not a lot of pics. I was busy getting ready Josh for his Halloween parade and he looked great. After that I had to rush to get the Halloween decorations up in time and get candy.

Halloween Link

Link ready for action