Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's finally Fall

We had a couple of unusually hot days in November but now the temps have dropped into a cooler pattern with a couple of rainy days coming soon.

That means lots of knitting especially for gifts and Christmas...

Neck warmer: adult and for dog
Handsome kid, if I do say so myself.
This neckwarmer was a special request and then they requested one for their dog. :-)
The buttons add that extra touch for the stylish gal/guy. I really should knit more as gifts but I'm easily distracted....

Lacy button cowl
Lacy button cowl
See? Cowls are in this year and this one has a button too. There are more ways to wear this so I'm thinking of knitting this in another yarn and compare how they come out....

Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitting Catch Up

I've been distracted (in a good way) with knitting gifts. Lots of easy type hats, cowl & scarves. I love the quick results but my poor wrists can't handle all the movement which causes my carpal tunnel to flare up. That's my signal to change activities and take a break.

I've been behind to photographing all my latest projects also. I finish something and it's practically snatched out of my hands & claimed which I guess is a good thing but I don't get the time to take proper photos of it.

I finished a matching cowl set for a guy & his dog as requested from his GF/wife/SO. It was nice free pattern for a cowl with buttons & I was surprised that men were drawn to it. I've had that cowl in my gift pile for a few years and none of my family members claimed it. Then I show it randomly to some people and everyone wants it along with their dog!!

Here is an Instagram photo of the cowl when I finished it in the car a couple of weeks ago. Really nice tonal shades of blue for a guy & I had just enough for the dog's cowl (Chihuahua).

I have another skein of the same yarn but in green which may be another cowl or a hat. I haven't decided yet.

So many ideas churning thru my head for so many things I want to knit!

Have a Happy weekend!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Love Match

Today marks our 17th wedding anniversary! Time truly flies by. We met 22 years ago but it doesn't seem all that long ago. We've been through life's curveballs and remain devoted & committed to one another.

I learned a lot about myself this past year and I think it's made our marriage stronger. I was fortunate to find a great man with qualities that complement and enhance us. Like Hector says, " We are not perfect, but we're perfect for one another!" and it's true.

We still like to be with each other and that's a good sign. :) I love you my silly Cheeseboy till the end of time!!

Wedding Day
November 9, 1996
Viking Couple
October 30, 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013


Yay, it's Friday! I saw this posted on Facebook and thought it was pretty cool. It makes me want to go back to Japan. I love how the people in the video pretty much go about their business or are taking pictures.

Yesterday, I took Joshua to Costco to pick up some photos. He asked what the pictures are from and I said I don't remember since I used a film camera. I explained how in the last 15 years cameras have gone digital but I'm using an older camera that was used long before digital.  We talked about how we can see our pictures on the screen right after we take them but we can't do that with film.

So we looked at the photos and saw half of them were from Kauai & the other half when I went to downtown LA. It was fun to be a little surprised then recognize what/when/where etc. This morning I was putting in a freshly charged battery into my DSLR & Josh came down the stairs. He said there's your film camera ( he was talking about the wrong one) but the SLR was on the table near me so I showed him how he can tell by looking for the screen. It warms my heart that we have conversations that we can revisit & talk some more. An actual conversation! Little things we can take for granted..,

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I almost forgot to share our Viking hats/beards that I made for Halloween. I didn't want to post beforehand because I wanted to keep everything on the DL. I thought Josh might want to wear the Viking hat as something different but he was really reluctant to give up his Link costume (he got his Master sword this summer). It worked out fine since Hector wanted the Viking hat along with Matt which resulted in me knitting another Viking hat to appease both of them. :) That will take care of that pattern for a while.

So since Josh wanted no part of the Viking hat, Hector and I took them out to the Kings hockey game on Oct. 30th. See? VI-KINGS! Anyway, we got lots of laughs/stares/shout outs with screen time on the Jumbotron at Staples center. The best part was posing in the StubHub photobooth and printing out our pictures. I guess we printed out about 3 in a row which resulted in us winning the Royal Fan experience which is a Meet n Greet with a Kings player. Woot!

Behold the epic Viking Beard
Josh wearing the Viking hat .
Josh looks pretty meh about the whole idea of a Viking costume....maybe the beard bothered him but LOOK at how COOL this is! :)

Anyway, Halloween is over. Hector & Matt each get their very own Viking hat/beard and my work is done.
Close up of Beard
The manly beard.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween party

I haven't uploaded all the pics from Halloween but here is a couple from a party we went to a couple of weeks ago...

Finn and Link fighting evil

Link & Finn ready for battle

Josh is really loving his Link costume especially now that he has his Master Sword!! I think we can get  another 1-2 years use out of it if he still wants to dress up. Tyler did for the party but he didn't want to on Halloween. Go figure. I still think he'll dress when we go to conventions.