Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sockhead 5(?)

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I had this project sitting around for a long time which is actually normal for this particular project. I love using fingering weight for hats but it just takes me soooooo long to complete. But when I finish one, I'm totally in love with it and want to knit more. So I cast on another one which will probably take me a year to finish but it's so easy to pick up when I feel the moment.

Noro always lures me in with their colors and I actually ran out of yarn and found another Noro yarn in a slightly thinner weight but I don't think anyone can tell...can you see where I switched yarns?

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Starry Sunflowers

My latest art piece...Starry Sunflowers. I find this smaller canvas boards (maybe 6x9 inches) at Daiso which are perfect for me to practice on and only $1.50 for a 2 pack. It's all about the journey..

Starting small. #starrynight #sunflowers #acrylic #vangogh @theartsherpa

I'm enjoying myself which is the most important part and I need an outlet since my wrist has been acting up and sore. I don't think SUPing and biking helped it either! Lol.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Finding videos to watch then trying them for myself...

This one was fun but the waiting for the layers to dry took some patience.

Mix acrylic paint with water and paint it onto watercolor paper. Splatter rubbing alcohol onto it to get the blotchy effect. Repeat multiple times with different colors. I think I had about 6 layers.

Trying something new. Not done yet.

Only 2 layers, trying to find the right ratio of paint:water.

I kicked up the vibrancy. Still some more later to go.

Covering it all up with pink.

I made greeting cards out of my last painting. 😍

And the finished product! It was originally a large sheet of watercolor paper, maybe 11 x 14 so I cut them down to fit onto some plain greeting cards to make an interesting trio set.

What do you think of them?? What colors should I try next?

Monday, June 06, 2016

Let's do This!

Trying something different and out of my comfort zone...a video! I am in no capacity an expert but this was fun to do. I bribed Josh into being a guest so he could try the candy. It worked and it was a fun experience for both of us. 

Of course, there is still tons that I can work on to improve but we need to keep pushing ourselves! :)

I'm comfortable sharing this here on my blog but not on Facebook yet. My friends and family can be spared (for now). 

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Armed Forces Parade

I don't know why we haven't ever made it down to this parade since it's in our own town just a mile away. 

Well, this year we made it a point to go...because Josh was marching in the parade!! 

It's a nice parade with lots of military vehicles and aircraft with all the branches of the armed forces represented.

Even though our city is fairly large, it was nice to see the small town feel and community!










Thursday, June 02, 2016


Another project for the never ending sock yarn leftovers which has been in progress for a couple of years but I dug out the bag of hexipuffs determined to knit more...

Found my neglected bag of #hexipuffs Goal is to fill another bag in 2 months 1-2/day.

See? This is what I accomplished in a week. Not a lot but it's something. When I have time, I knit a hexipuff which I hope to have enough to sew together for some seat cushions for the kitchen. In theory, I think it will be awesome and great looking, plus functional for the hard seats. Then reality sets in and I think of how easy will it be to clean, etc.

But I will press forth since the original pattern is a blanket so I always have that to fall back on. Just add another 5 years before that will be done. That's why I decided on seat cushions in the first place.

  And then there were 2 #hexipuffs

My little pile of squishy #hexipuffs for the week.

Snapshots: Japanese goodies

Some cute Japanese items because 99.9% of their items are cute.

Adding to my OT playoff pool prize.

These are some notecards & envelopes (perfect for gift knitting) and a black lucky cat that is solar powered. I have a white version and it sits on my kitchen shelf by the sink happily waving. 

I ate the last of these delicious cookies that Hector brought home. It is a white chocolate thin sandwich cookie that perfect and yummy. I love that they're individually wrapped so I can enjoy them without worry.  If you ever run across them, please send me a box. :)

My last cookie from Hector's trip to Japan.