Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Grasshoppers

Finished my textured rib socks earlier this week. The color is grasshopper. I knit these as the May KAL (knit a long) group. There is an awesome book called Sensational Knitted Socks which has about 70+ patterns in it. You figure out your knitting gauge (stitches per inch) and follow the column that corresponds to that number. It's basically a knitting recipe book. This group picks 2 patterns a month and the knitter can choose which one to knit. It's fun.


Hey, I've been busy with not too much going on. I just realized that the kids will be done with school on June 18th. Oh, for some reason I thought it would be around the 23rd or something like that. Doesn't really matter anyway.
We didn't do too much over the holiday weekend. I made the dumpling filling all by myself and had all the guys help me fold them. Now we have about 4 bags of frozen dumplings although Yan-ro likes them ALOT so they won't last very long.
I did take the kids to the eye doctor yesterday. Tyler's teacher wrote a note last week that he was having trouble seeing the board. Okay, that was going to be inevitable since Hector and I are very nearsighted. Tyler does need glasses and so far Josh does not although I'm sure his time will come. I had them tested at Lenscrafters and had a pair priced to see how much it would be. Okay, one pair would be $240 and that was after the 50% discount. No thank you. We headed over to Costco and found some frames that Tyler liked. Grand total = $125...for 2 pair of glasses!!! Such a big fat rip off at Lenscrafters.
I also turned in my glasses to be fixed because they were scratched and the coating was peeling in some spots. Luckily I made the warranty deadline by 3 days so that will be fixed at no charge. Yeah! The only problem is that I have to wear my contacts for about 10 days until the glasses come back. When they do, I'll have another eye exam and if I need new glasses, these will be the back up pair.
We are going to be family of four eyes....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Flower Power

This morning I walked down a different street on the way home from school. Lots of new flowers and bee activity going on. I was hoping that the sun would stay behind the clouds but of course that didn't happen. I still had fun on my little walkabout.

The flowers in this garden were being mobbed by several bees. It's good to see the bees buzzing around.

Unfortunately I really am clueless to to what kind of flowers these are but I still enjoy them. The neighbors have either green thumbs or good gardeners.

Oh and today is funky hair Friday at the kids' school. So I put lots of hair product, hair spray and green hair color in both boys' hair. They had fun with it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madrona Marsh

This morning I managed to meet up with Veronica at the marsh for a quick photo field trip. We found a few things to shoot but I can't wait for the fall/winter when the rains come to transform the marsh.

I'm still loving my macro lens even though I take lots of blurry pictures. Working on the manual focus; I need to be faster.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It is kind of funny how some phrases are googled and all sorts of stuff comes up. For example, I posted some pool pictures of the kids and Hector underwater with the title Boys Gone Wild. Apparently, lots of people search under that phrase and find my little blog. Heh heh. My pictures are totally G rated! So you won't find the pictures that you think you'll find.....

That got me thinking as Hector washed his truck last night with the kids jumping in and getting drenched with cold water; what should I title this post? Boys Gone Wild II? Wild and Wet? I could get all sorts of blog traffic! What do you think I should name this post?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm working on my May sock with a textured rib which I'm digging for the moment. I am at the heel gusset now so I'm on track to finish before the end of the month. There are a couple of other sock projects that are hibernating for now that I want to finish soon. A blurry picture of Hannah's birthday present. She hasn't seen them yet so the whole photo won't be shown.
Not much is new...I'm almost over my cold. Dumplings this weekend...this time I'm gonna get Hector and Carlos to help me make them!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wonder Wall

The coolest part of Hector's China trip (I think) is the Great Wall. They took a 1/2 day tour to a lesser visited part of the wall which included a gondola or cable car ride up the mountain then a strenuous climb. My mom made it to the wall but was very tired so she sat with her snacks while Hector roamed as far as he physically could.

As you can see that some parts are very steep and this wall is absolutely mind-boggling. Hector called me from the Great Wall just to tell me he was there. It was about midnight here so that was lovely since I was sick in bed with a bad cold. But this is a wonder of the world. Someday we'll go back and take the kids....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birds Nest

Pictures from the China trip will be coming up shortly. Hector had about 800 pictures and my mom had about 250. Here are some cute ones at the Bird's Nest.

I did load up a batch of pictures to my Flickr site if you want to take a look see.

Total Cuteness

Remember my recent handknit Hello Kitty hat? Well, Hector was showing his pictures from Taiwan/China and pointed out the awesome feature at the Taipei airport. At first, it looks like a Sanrio store at the terminal but that's not all...there is a Hello Kitty departure gate! Really, there is!
Doesn't it look cheerful? There are Hello Kitty seats....eeeek!

Want to know the time? Hello Kitty can help. Want to make a phone call? Hello Kitty can help with that too! Now I have to make my way to Taipei just to see this for myself.

Note: Hector doesn't take the greatest pictures but he saw this and wanted to show me so I appreciate his efforts. :) And why is it in Taiwan? I would think Japan would have a entire terminal devoted to Hello Kitty.

Monday, May 11, 2009

At the Movies

This week I've had more time to watch movies on TV. I guess I had to occupy myself since Hector is gone and after the kids go to bed. Sure I watch hockey playoffs but it's not as fun by myself and I only really get into the Caps/Pens series and the Ducks/Red Wings series.

The great thing about Tivo/DVR is that I see a certain movie playing that looks interesting, I can search the other showings and tape it. Sometimes I find movies that I never heard of or big movies that I wanted to see.

The first one, I Could Never Be Your Woman is from 2007 and one that I never heard of. Paul Rudd reminds me of an older, goofier version of his character in Clueless and he plays the younger guy to Michelle Pfieffer. Cute romantic comedic movie and I can understand why I never knew of it. Or why it was never released. Who knows?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one I remember movie posters plastered all over town. One of the funniest movies I've seen this year. Break up from the guy's viewpoint. Really funny or maybe I was just in the right mood for this movie. I saved it on my list because I think I might want to watch it again. Rare for me since it is not a Jane Austen film. :) Oh and Paul Rudd is in it.
Coincidence? I think not.

Nim's Island which was recommended by Kat. She told me about half of the plot so that was no surprise but it's a cute movie. Not too bad.

That is a LOT for me who is not a big movie person....believe you me. Phew I'm tired....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Moments

This afternoon I put the kids into the car, loaded up my camera gear and headed out to Palos Verdes. The sun had finally emerged with the temps back to our normal 70's. As soon I got a a clear shot of the Hill, I could see that the clouds were rolling in so the weather wouldn't be cooperative.

At the lighthouse, the ocean was gray and the skies hazy. Bummer. I thought that maybe the kids would like to run around but Josh fell asleep during the drive. I decided it would be best to let Josh sleep for a bit so we headed over to another point where I could park at a lookout point and take pictures. The only one I liked was the flowers above. Maybe better luck next time...

I made an asparagus torta today. The recipe came with the asparagus and I had to use it before it spoiled. It has eggs, parmesan cheese and bread crumbs to make a quiche like casserole dish. Not bad. The picture sure does look yummy though.

Joshua brought home a bag for Mother's Day and I finally got to open it.

He made a booklet all about me fill-in-the-blank style. The best page was my Mom is ___ years old. I now regret him knowing his numbers up to 200. :)

The cutest thing Josh made is a heart shaped necklace. The teacher painted the wood hearts blue then the children used Q-tips to make flowers. Later the teacher added the black outlines. I actually knew about this present since I'm the one who strung and beaded the necklaces for everyone but I love my necklace! :)

Tyler made me some bath salts which is super sweet and I look forward to having a soaking tub very soon (on my wish list).

I'm blessed to have 2 wonderful boys and a great hubby! They make my life so complete!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom, my MIL and all the other wonderful Moms I know. This year will be the first year I am on my own since Hector and my mom are on vacation but it won't be awful for me. I am getting over my cold and there is always next weekend! Seriously, I hate to be out and about on Mother's day at a crowded restaurant. I just want to enjoy the day with my family. I have the kids with me so I think I will try to make some banana pancakes which is little different than our usual pancake breakfast.

I need to catch up on laundry since I was out of commission the last few days. Hector already called me to wish a HMD and they will be back on Tuesday.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


The boys are getting interested in photography, especially Josh. He stands by my Canon Rebel XT and asks to use it. Depending on my mood and lens, I let him although I usually let him use my little Canon SD 1000. The point and shoot is much more suitable for his little hands.

Hector bought an inexpensive digital camera for the kids that my mom is currently using in China. When Josh needs a break from Tyler I let him take the little Canon and take pictures in my bedroom.

I finished a Hello Kitty hat this afternoon. More like I completed the bow and embellishments. Of course, the hat is roomy but it is cute. I don't remember doing a novelty hat except for the mohawk hat. Even though I'm clueless about embroidery, I am pleased with the eyes, nose and whiskers. :)

Both boys had to model the hat and no, they won't be scarred for life. Tyler just thought it was a silly hat. He has NO idea.
This next set was taken by Joshua. I like that he tried different angles and things.

The hockey game on TV.
Self portrait.

The doorknob.


Hector calls every day and emails me pretty much the same info but it is SO NICE to hear his voice. :)

This is one of the reasons why I chose not to go and take the kids to China.

Of note: The air pollution here is as bad, even worse than I heard. You can not see the sun. There are visible particles everywhere and it really hurts to breath. My eyes watered all day and I have a wet cough that hurts my ribs and back. I thought that maybe I was coming down with something until Anna complained of the exact same things. Oh well, we'll just have to deal with it. Tomorrow the forbidden city and Tienamen.

To me, it's pretty scary. I know there are a million things that can kill you but if I can avoid most of them, I will. Also I have my nasty cold, if I had gone I probably would have been quarantined anyway.

Today the weather seems much cooler. I really don't know that for sure since I haven't gone outside yet. I do feel much better though. I slept as much as I could yesterday since I felt exhausted. The kids were fine and even happy when I said they could have cereal for dinner. We go through Lucky Charms in less than a week although Joshua has discovered Coco Puffs.

I'm working on another pair for stripey socks for my niece (?) Kyli although it might look really cute as legwarmers too. Oh well, maybe next time since I started the heel. I'm so bad at trying to knit gifts especially birthdays so my cousin Hannah will just have to wait until the items are finished.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Just in time for summer

I can't remember when I started these handwarmers but it was probably last year. It had to be in the cooler weather since I can't imagine I would be crazy enough to knit them in the summer. Of course I started my YEAR OF THE SOCK so everything else has been shoved to the back of the to-do list. I came across my poor unfinished handwarmers and decided to finish these up. Believe me, it wasn't easy knitting in 90 * weather but I managed. :)

I used a self striping sock yarn and they are lovely. I do enjoy the cooler weather but I can save these for Christmas gifting. I guess I can look on this project as preparing for winter. :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Today was very exciting for us here at home. Joshua's classroom field trip to the marsh was lots of fun but there was also a "shelter in place" emergency at the kids' school. We had left the school with the class around 9:30am and walked about 1/2 mile to the marsh.
Everything was going just fine with our tour guide Dan. He showed us tortoises, toads, a king snake and a hummingbird nest. We were touring the marsh when the teacher told me the school was on lockdown. That's about the time we noticed a helicopter circling the area.
At noon I had to leave to get back home to watch Amber. On Sepulveda there were several police cars and another at Nadine blocking the street. I was let in and that was the longest 2 blocks I had to walk. There were 3-4 more police cars further in with the helicopter still hovering above us.
I wasn't sure how to contact Sherri since she doesn't have a cell phone but she made it to my house through another street. Phew. I relayed the message that she wasn't needed at school so it was best that she and Amber hang out until we had to pick up the kids. As we were leaving the house, I noticed the helicopter was gone so I thought it was all over. Um, no.
The teacher called me on my cell phone that the class was still at the marsh since the school was still locked. Oh. It was a good thing I left my car at the school and that street wasn't blocked. Mrs. E had all the kids in the building and they were perfectly happy with coloring pages and puzzles. Of course, soon after the lockdown was lifted. At least the older kids could get out at their normal time, otherwise they would have to stay put. Uffff.

There is the info I found but we are home safe and sound. The doors are locked and the windows are closed. :)

Drama over so here are some photos.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

spring time

At the right of this blog, you may have noticed my flickr page which has some of latest photos. But for those who want instant gratification, I'll post a couple. Both of these projects used Noro Kuryeon sock yarn which comes in AMAZING colors. For the socks, I alternated 2 different colorways to produce the fun stripes. The cool part is that you never know what color will come up next (unless you want to pull out lots of yarn). I love the uniqueness of each sock.I finished the second sock in Vegas but had to take some proper photos. I made this dress about a year ago when I was in Playa Del Carmen with my cousin Hannah. I didn't have anybodyin mind for this dress but She-ra had to go and get preggers with beautiful Baby D. I gave this to her the day she was born (November 24th, I believe) and lookie now, she is a little doll in it. She-ra looks for a special occasion to show the baby and the dress off. Too cute.

There is a lot of yarn leftover so I think I might make another pair of stripedy socks for myself. As much as I love the pair above, they are just a tad too big for me.