Thursday, March 08, 2018

Deep Breaths

So,  a wrench was thrown in my life and the daily one minute vlog got thrown to the side. Everything is fine but I had some very normal things to do with my elderly mother. As plugged into technology as we all are, it's good to focus on real life and family.

So I will catch you up on other things with my Instagram photos and mix it up. I'm sure my followers won't mind..all 4-5 of them!

Did I show you my new hair?? I wanted to do something a little different but didn't know I let my niece figure it out to surprise me. The picture doesn't really show the exact color but my hair is a darkish chocolate brown with little pops of bright red. You get the idea.

The Winter Olympics are over...I finished a cowl and  Hector's Shiny Magikarp hat and more of my 10-stitch blanket. I decided the blanket is big enough for my lap and naps so the final strip is in progress. The yarn I'm using is the green, brown blend so stay tuned if I have enough yarn.

I'll end this post with my two kitties!

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Monday, March 05, 2018

Chill Weekend

This weekend was super nice because we didn't have any commitments or anything planned. It was nice and relaxing..I got to build a fire and veg. Sometimes I really need it to decompress, I found myself having genuine laughter at silly things because I was able to focus on the moment and not stress over other things.
Every person is different with different stress thresholds so find your calm. I did and feel ready to take on the world this week.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Gray Friday

It seems like I'm managing this one minute vlog since I don't have to show everything I did today which would be pretty boring. I was rushing to beat the rain and it did sprinkle while I was driving home. Then I hurried transferring wood closer to the sliding door for my fire burning adventure today. And still no rain. 

I worked a bit and started the fire while editing my video. Oc course it over the time limit again and I left stuff out. Should I bump it up to a 2 minute vlog? I'll think about it this weekend or maybe I'll vlog longer on the weekends. 

I record during the day and have my content but last night we went to the Kings game which would have been nice to include too. I'll have to plan better. 

I don't think we have any pressing or concrete plans this weekend which is super nice. I'm thinking maybe of seeing Black Panther. Did you have anything good planned for the weekend? 

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Time Lapse

Hold on to your hats because I vlogged again while cleaning! 

I had finished my errands for my mom and was thinking of what to film. My yucky bathroom needed attending to ever since we re-piped the entire house in September (?)  with house issues, family issues and more. Uff as my SIL would say.

The time lapse feature on my phone is pretty nifty. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hump Day

Sometimes things get so hectic and certain things get very know what I mean?? During those times, I need to take a day to reset even though some people may not understand or get it.

I tried to reset today, got about 1/2 there which is better than nothing. I'll have to face it again so tomorrow is another day.

I'm at Day 3 of my one minute vlog experiment although I may need to bump it up to 1.5 or 2 minute vlog since I'm not super great at editing but it's fun. I tried filming portrait since its easier to look into the camera but I'll keep working at it. :)

It's already March tomorrow! Spring is around the corner.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I had a blog watching phase about a year ago which I found fascinating watching people do normal things in their lives. I sort of toyed with the idea but it's very time consuming with filming, editing and more so that was set aside. 

Then I saw someone do a 1 minute vlog and I had a lightbulb moment! Aha! I can manage that! Sure I'm not super exciting but it'll be a fun way to look back and see them. A little snippet in my life.

So here is my first one that I did yesterday so remember, I'm new at this. Lol.

I really don't like how my front-facing camera on my phone is in a weird spot so I'm looking off to the side...I'll have to figure that out. And no, I don't want to invest in a vlogging camera/setup that will take too much of my time.
I do everything on my phone and use PocketVideo to edit. Super simple to use...I can edit and add text and stickers etc.

I can''t promise a vlog daily but I'll try.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Shiny Magikarp

I'm not sure if I mentioned our Pokemon Go fun but this is one of the ways Hector and I spend our time together. We have fun hunting Pokemon and we can get some walking done too.

Hector has been pretty lucky in finding Magikarp at Redondo Beach especially shiny ones. These are really hard to find/catch and he's managed to catch two while I have zero. Sad trombone.

Back in October I set out to knit him a Shiny Magikarp hat using the Fish Hat pattern. Turns out several other knitters have done the same thing which is great for me since they leave notes and links to modifications. 

I mentioned in my last post that I have set goals for myself and decided to add in Hector's hat. There is a WIP (work in progress) category so I can medal in that too!! Win/win. 

It's FINISHED and it's pretty awesome.