Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shield and Socks

I told you that I was really behind in posting and now I'm serial posting!! Tomorrow is Halloween which brings more busyness so I wanted to bust these out.

For those who have been following Hector's Hylian shield progress, it is now finished. All it needs is some clear sealant.

Hylian shield is finally done!!

Doesn't it look great? Hector did such a great job. I would have gone the cardboard route with this but this is something that will last for quite some time. :) Josh is so excited to have this for Halloween.

Also I finished my Summer Rainbow Lovin socks which what I named it because of the rainbow-like colors of the yarn. The pattern is called Summer Lovin socks and it was super easy. Another pair of socks done in 2 weeks. I'm on FIRE!!

Finished: Summer Rainbow Lovin' socks
Summer Lovin socks

Brick or Treat

I've been working on these costumes and put a lot of time into them so I thought we might as well use them. We have Legoland passes that the kids really enjoy even though they don't have as much interest in the rides anymore.

Legoland has their Halloween celebration called Brick or Treat which runs on Saturday night with fireworks etc but we were busy (see previous post). So on Sunday I packed up the 2 boys with all of our costumes and headed down to Carlsbad.

Both Tyler and I have easy to wear costumes but Joshua's takes some assembly with all the pieces but it's so worth it. Hector stayed home to finish some errands and the shield. Once I got the kids ready we headed toward the entrance and in the parking lot, we could already hear shouts of "Adventure Time!!".

We received lots of compliments and recognition throughout the park especially from the employees and adults saying they were Finn or Link last year. :) The boys had lots of fun walking around and posing for me.

It was a good exercise in testing out the costumes especially Joshua who wore thru some parts of his boot covers so I had to hot glue them better when we got home. I really think they will like going to various conventions in cosplay now. :)

The shield is complete but I need to take a few more photos and get some sealant so it will be ready for the Halloween parade tomorrow and trick or treating too.

So enjoy the photos....

Fionna, Finn and Link take a break

Legoland entrance

Finn & Link by the pumpkin

Finn & Link with Dracula

Lego Spider

Link poses

SUP Saturday

Lots to catch up on today. We had a very busy weekend doing various things together and separately.

On Saturday, Tyler and I met up with Hannah do some some SUP in Santa Monica. This would our first time trying SUP in the ocean (Tyler & me) and it was definitely challenging. We received instructions on how to enter and exit the ocean with our boards so naturally I wipe out twice trying to enter.

The ocean was calm and it was low tide but the water movement took some time to get used to. Our instructor gave me some good tips to keep my balance which helped a lot but I still got dunked a lot.

We paddled out to a buoy by the Santa Monica pier about 3/4 mile out where we saw lots of dolphins and sea lions. I got to enjoy views of the beach from a different perspective too.

Paddling back to shore was very trying since it seemed like we kept paddling and getting nowhere. The instructor said it would seem like that but in a few minutes if we looked back at the buoy, we would be farther away so he was right.

I used a lot more muscles doing the ocean SUP so I'm still sore. :) Hannah has some more groupons for SUP good till next year so I imagine I'll be trying this again and then give my final opinion.

So enjoy the photos courtesy of Hector waterproof camera....

Waiting at Santa Monica for our SUP time

Santa Monica view from the ocean

Looking towards Venice

Hannah and Tyler
Hannah & Tyler

Santa Monica pier

Tyler and Hannah heading for the buoy

Tyler SUPing2

Friday, October 26, 2012


Hector decided that further adjustments needed to be done to the Hylain shield. Upon his inspection, the triforce triangles are not big enough.

So it's more taping...


Prep Work

All masked off and ready to paint some more...

Today, I peeled off the tape which is my contribution although this is entirely Hector's project.

Bigger triforce triangles now

So maybe tonight Hector will start working on the crest ...

Yesterday Girl

It's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend. My oldest son Tyler and I along with my cousin Hannah and her friend will be SUPing in Santa Monica Saturday. It will be Tyler and my first time doing ocean SUPing which is different (a bit) so wish us good luck and safett.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Step

Every day or two, Hector makes another step in the progress of the Hylian shield.

Peeling the masking tape off
Peeling away the masking tape for the blue portion.

Last night he drew out the triforce and then taped out the form. Only 2 small areas needed the yellow paint.

It was dry this morning so I used the handy xacto type knife and cut away to peel away the tape.

Voila!! Of course I forgot to take pictures of the before part to show the masking tape but I'll try to remember it for the next part. The Hylian crest.

Hylian shield with triforce
Looks really good

View of Hylian shield in progress
Hylian shield

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Black Hole

Over the weekend, Hector bought some windshield washer fluid because I mentioned that the BMW was empty when I tried to use the wiper spray. So this morning was the day I would fill it up. Note: this is my 2nd car so I don't drive it much at all. I've had it for almost 10 years now and it only has just under 39,000 miles on it.

Okay, my first hiccup was finding the hood release. I looked under the drivers side dash & I saw the trunk release with the clearly marked drawing of a car with the trunck popped open. Hmm, I'm looking and looking and finally decide to look in the manual. I'm thumbing through it page by page and yeah, I find the right section. Duh, the hood release is directly under the trunk release button but it's a long black lever that lays flush with the molding. No marking. Now that I know where it is, I can see it but before couldn't find that darn thing at all.

On to filling the washer fluid reservoir which took almost 2/3 of the gallon jug. Tested the fluid spray and it works so I'm a happy girl. As I'm putting the manual back in the glove compartment, I see some iPod earphones in there so I pull them out along with my missing/misplaced iPod. Who knows when I put those in there but I was wondering where that iPod went off to!

I always said our house is a black hole where things disappear but maybe it's just us stupid humans. Yep.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stuff we've been up to

The DIY/craftiness fever continues...well, not really a fever but it's something.

Yarn necklace.
Add caption

My attempt at a yarn necklace...the pattern is called Seven Sisters and uses worsted weight yarn but silly me decided to use fingering weight which dragged on and on. The pattern shows about 6-7 loops but I got bored knitting I-cord so I managed 2 loops.

Yarn necklace
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It looks just ehh-okay on my but I think some blocking will benefit the yarn and even out some of the stitches.

Button closure
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I found a vintage=old button in my MIL sewing box that I thought would look really nice as the closure.

Meanwhile, Hector is onto the next step in the DIY Hylian shield. He spray painted the entire shield back/front a silver gray and let it dry for a day. Last night he masked off the next design and spray painted the area blue. I need to get a better photo of that part since the other photo is very blurry.

Hylian shield: masked off
Add caption
I'm also finishing up a pair of socks for the October challenge which is self striping, seasonal theme patterns or designers of the month.

This is a seasonal pattern called Summer Lovin' socks.

Summer Rainbow Lovin socks
Very bright and cheery colors.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Fun

Things have calmed down a bit so we can actually do some fun things around home. Hector has been working on Josh's shield and it's coming together nicely.

Here are some pictures of its progress:

Sparks Pounding

The big boys and their tools getting the shield ready then welding the handles on.

Hylian Shield

Josh with the rough version shield.

Hylian shield: backside

The backside of the shield and you can read what this started as. Hector bought it at the swapmeet for $5.

Link and Finn together

The kids are dressed for their first costume party/Nintendo meetup in Orange County. :)
Link & Finn: 2 heroes

And another photo of the kids. :) They really enjoyed their costumes this year and they still have another chance to wear them and later for all those cons we are now interested in.

Kids with their 3DS

The meetup was in Fullerton near where I grew up about a few blocks away so it was kind of fun.

We got about 30+ tags from gamers so the kids were really happy with that and they're interested in going to more meetups.

Costume Contest: kids division

Here Josh is participating in the kids costume contest. Tyler was in the adults division and placed in the top 6 so he was happy about that. :)

Lord of Games

This guy had a nice robe and crown....and about 1/2 of the adults dressed up. The area we were in in nestled in a  shopping center with a Target across the parking lot. We are in another area with some smaller stores and restaurants like Gamestop and Yogurtland. Lots of seating for hanging out.

Of course, I didn't get a photo of Kat and me dresssed up too but that's okay. We stayed in our costumes later for dinner while the kids changed into regular clothes. We got a few stares at Lomelli's and a big thumbs up too.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Keeping busy and like usual, getting pulled in every direction but I managed to complete some stuff.

Adventure Time freezer paper stencil T-shirts for the boys. Gunter and Jake! :)

Like some stencilling on Tshirts for the kids using freezer paper. It's so much fun!
Note: I got the Jake stencil from the Cartoon Network Facebook page. Just do a google search for it. Gunther's stencil I made myself. I found an image of Gunther and drew him out then when I went to make the stencil I didn't connect all the lines completely thus making a stencil. If people are really interested...I can try uploading the Gunther stencil if I get enough comments...

Algebraic Jake

Pair of Gunther Tshirts.

I also sewed my Fionna hat and backpack so I'm going to do a test run at a streetpass meetup/costume party on Saturday so hopefully I'll have more photos then.

Meanwhile,  I'm becoming more comfortable sewing and finished earlier than I thought. So I had time to bake some pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing. Oh wow, I like these a lot. The icing was a bit too thin so it doesn't really show up that well but they still taste mighty fine!! :)

Pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing.

The cookies taste pretty good without the icing too. Have a great weekend!!

Friday video

Today is Sunday but a Weezer song came on that is one on those you have to dance wherever you are...I was in the car coming back from the grocery store. It's a cheery song so I wanted to remember to post it for Friday. :)

Here is the version with the lyrics because I'm super bad with lyrics and make up own regularly.

And the official Weezer video...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welt Fantastic

Yeah, I completed a pair of socks!! I was in a semi-slump but I soon was sucked into this sock knitting vortex and just kept going. Not too bad, I started the pair Oct. 2 then put them down for a bit because I got distracted with other projects then got bored with those and picked up the socks again.

So the pair took me 2 weeks which is pretty darn good for me.

I also get to enter them in the SKA (sock knitters anonymous) group on Ravelry for the self striping challenge. Knit normally and stripes appear but change the pattern with increases/decreases will change the stripes into waves, ripples or peaks. Its fun.

Welt Fantastic 2

Really cute, huh!

Welt Fantastic3

Welt Fantastic socks: complete

I'm not sure what to do with these? Should I keep them or gift them to someone??

Monday, October 15, 2012

Legwarmer update

I was able to stop by and hand Buddy his new legwarmers. With that nice, stretchy ribbing they fit just right and you can see in the photos that Buddy is a happy camper.

Buddy models his legwarmers

Man legwarmers

Buddy hiked them over his knee so maybe that's where he intends to wear them in bed but they should serve him well. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Portrait

No NHL hockey due to lockout but we now have a family portrait with the Stanley Cup. :)

classic video

Here is a video from my own personal collection from our vacation to Hawaii the Big Island.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Because I have nothing new to share, I will pass along this funny series of videos although I will just post the first one. Pokemon have been around forever (it seems), My nephew was totally into the trading cards when he was Josh's age and now he's around 23 now. My kids and hubby have multiple versions of the game and even though they keep adding more Pokemon to catch, the basic premise is the same in every game.

Sooo,    LET'S BATTLE!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Maryjane Baby booties

baby booties: Maryjanes

Super easy baby booties. These are newborns 0-3 months that I hope will fit some fraternal twin girls that were born prematurely in March (?). Otherwise I will have to knit some bigger ones but aren't they cute??

It doesn't bother me that they're not matchy-matchy and I don't think the mama will care either. :)

Maryjane baby booties

baby booties2


It's almost 11am and I've done pretty much all the errands that needed to be done. Bought mailer to return Link costume to China which was about 1/3 the price we paid for the costume that will be refunded. Boo.

Deposited a check from our health insurance for some overpayment for under $6. Seriously? Lots of head shaking going on here...

Doing laundry, scrubbed some stuff (you know what I'm talking about), watered my plants and covered H's motorcycle (rain in the forecast). I feel better about it all so I'm posting my accomplishments.

I saw that GameStop is having a contest for a Wii U. Photos are sent in where the U is in the shape of whatever you can come up with so I need to have Hector and Tyler help me out with Joshua. Hopefully it will be creative enough to get us one. :)

Meanwhile, we are still getting Halloween costumes ready. Tyler's is all done. Joshua is about halfway and Hector is in charge of the shield.

Here is the pic of the prototype.

Hylian shield prototype
Josh is holding the cardboard shield and it looks like it'll be the right size.
This is what Hector plans to use for the shield.

DIY Hylian shield: beginning phase

Yes, that is a DirecTV satellite dish that H picked up at the swapmeet for $5.

DIY Hylian shield: beginning phase

Here is the backside of the dish which has just the right amount of bend. :) Our friend Matt will cut the metal into the proper shape, add the straps and then it'll be ready to paint &/or foam sheets.

Stay tuned....