Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have tons of pictures from our fabulous (exhausting) day at the OC Fair. No time to post them...we have a kids birthday party to go to this afternoon then BBQ dinner.

Hopefully tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Before noontime today, we had sizable earthquake said to be 5.4 in Chino Hills which is about 40 miles from us and closer to Hector's mom and sisters. The kids and I were in the kitchen when we felt shaking which kept going on for about 10 seconds. We weren't scared but sat there like idiots. The water in the goldfish bowl was sloshing around and the light fixtures were swinging. Everything looks fine...our neighbor's walled fortress didn't come crashing down on our car so that's good although I'm sure the cracks already there will get bigger.

The news has been reporting the damage which is fairly minor like stuff falling off the shelves in stores etc. I'm sure they come up with more and hopefully there were no deaths or injuries.

Hector can now use the joke that our friend "fill-in-the-blank" fell out of bed and caused the earthquake.

Time flies by (sometimes)

Our Monday started at the MD's office because Josh needed a TB shot for kindergarten. The appt was for 10:15am and we had to wait for almost an hour before having our name called. It looked like everyone was waiting for a long time. The kids brought their Speed Racer cars which entertained them for a while and when it looked like they might go stir crazy I pulled out my video iPod to save the day. They sat like angels watching My Friend Tigger and Pooh. Then Josh was called in....yay! He was a little nervous because I explained to him what would happen but softened the blow with the promise of Golden Spoon fro yo. That seemed to help. The MD even offered the paperwork for Hector to sign off when the injection site should be checked on Wednesday. That saves us from another trip to the office.
Our power went out for about 1 1/2 hours yesterday so Tyler was pretty bored until I showed him a big stack of Pokemon books. I was perfectly fine reading Eldest (Eragon series). Later in the day/night I was totally consumed with Boom Blox. I came to a level (Casino)where I had to knock down a very solid, well constructed structure to earn as many point blox as I could with only 4 bomb blox. I tried and tried for an hour. I couldn't budge that thing for the life of me. By this time Hector was already home and taking a snooze on the sofa. He woke up and I pleaded for help because he is really good with stuff like that. We tried all sorts of configurations and finally he checked online to find a solution. The key is to detonate one bomb blox at a time between 2 posts to weaken it then keeping placing another one to weaken it further which topples the structure and you get your points. Ugh. That took another hour of getting everything just so but I finally did it. And got all the points possible. Boom Blox is a really fun game that sucks you into playing for hours. The levels are challenging enough to make me keep trying and even Tyler keeps playing and he is the king of frustration.

We have a busy week...Josh will be done with summer school today so tomorrow I take them to the OC Fair for a full day of junk food and rides. Thursday the kids are invited to a birthday party for an afternoon of playing and BBQ. I will go along for the ride.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


On Saturday I spent a good portion of it uploading Hector's CDs onto my computer to make an iPod playlist for him. We enjoy the same music but like any person on the planet he has preferences so he requested some Elvis Presley, Pavarotti and Tupac. I really like my techno, electronic dance music while he does not. We both like some classical, I use it mostly to fall asleep while he likes to listen to his favorite Pavarotti in the OR when the mood strikes or by request. Hector loves his funk, disco, and 60's music while I adore Chris Isaak and kd lang.

Thankfully iPod/iTunes can accomodate all of our likes into playlists and omit the ones we don't care for. There is lot more to upload...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ramones revisited

I might have posted before but it's too cute to resist.

The other night Hector suggested singing a song on a walk with the kids and Josh started Singing Blitzkrieg Bop. This song is deeply ingrained into his head because when he was younger around 2 or 3 years, Tyler played A LOT of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and one of the songs is Blitzkrieg Bop. Even back then, Josh would try to sing along or at least do the Hey Ho part. My little rock stars...

Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday Ty and I made a quick trip to Staples and Toy r Us. The best little game so far that the kids and I enjoy is Boom Blox (wii). What a fun and cute game. You use ball, lasers etc to knock down towers, blocks and gems to gain points. The good thing is that you have to think a bit to maximize your throws to get the best medal (gold, silver, bronze). That's the latest hit in the house!

Is it time yet?

Another uneventful week here at Chez Fromage. Until today. The kids have been eagerly anticipating a sleepover @ Sherri's place. She has 3 kids, 2 of them are close in age to mine. Her oldest girl asked for Tyler to sleepover and Josh was also invited. So Sherri is willing to handle her usual bunch plus 2 more. She is very nice to do this since my kids are a little more rambunctious than hers but we know the family for 3 years now and we help each other out.

The kids were up much earlier than usual today especially Josh asking if they can go to Sherri's. Like early around 6:30am. Ugh no, the sleepover is not till later like 5pm. Maybe it'll get them tired tonight but I wouldn't count on it.

So that means Hector and I have a night to ourselves! Eeeeeeek and squeal. I made reservations at Morton's steakhouse for tonight and maybe we'll see The Dark Knight too. The possibilities are endless! :)

It is kind of weird having Hector work 5 days a week now but good. Josh asks daily where Daddy is and I give the same

I'n still tired so maybe I can grab a nap later so I'll stay up for my fun plans tonight.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My car history

I was thinking the other day about a previous car I owned and remember how much I loved it, what a good car it was etc. Actually it was brought on by my SIL asking me to sell my car to her. I refused because I really love this car. I don't drive it as much as I'd like but it's perfect for me. Then I went through my memory bank through the list of cars I owned. Here is my list starting from most recent. My current personal car. A 2003 BMW 525. I don't allow eating in it so it's pretty clean unlike our Pilot which shows traces of stuff spilled months ago. For some reason I've always enjoyed cars. Even when I had no idea of the technical stuff, I'd borrow Road & Track and Car & Driver from the library and read up on the cars. This was junior high age (around 12)...I didn't get obsessed but I enjoy them very much. So about the BMW, around 2000 Hector would get his subscriptions to Consumer Reports...the CAR issue. This is where they give an unbiased report on the all the makes and models. I love to browse that issue and pretend to pick a car I would buy. Of course I realized that no car is perfect...some cars were butt ugly, poor acceleration etc but a decent looking car is a good start for me. I was used to seeing the pros and cons of the models which the cons usually had something significant like poor handling so I'd cross that off my mental checklist. Well, that year the BMW 525 was a standout. The cons on this model was flimsy cupholders.....what? Is that it? Well that sealed the deal for me. The only thing was that it is on the pricey side. $40,000 for a car and the price just goes up with all the options. Hmm....well I think I talked about that car for a couple of years until Hector finally caved in (he's the best) and bought me my 525. It was late in the year so all those models were slim pickings and the only available colors were silver, black and white. No, I wanted the Steel Blue with gray leather interior. So BMW ordered it for me in Germany and I could track its progress on the internet. I would take every opportunity to pore over the 85 page book looking at the color options, tech specs etc. It took 3 months but I finally received my 3rd baby February 1, 2003. It was a good thing that I got the car when I did because the next year the 525 was revamped to the current model which I didn't care for. So that's the still looks new and clean with a couple of dings from rude people. It only has about 31,000 miles on it after 5 years and I only had to change the oil twice (free maintenance), windshield wipers and one headlamp (also free). Oh, and Consumer Reports was correct with the has been broken for a year now. Small piddly things because the car drives like a dream....speed, power and great brakes. It was in a small fender bender long time ago when I was driving home from Vegas on I-15. Rear ended in stop and go traffic which costed about $1000 to fix the bumper (thank goodness for insurance). Josh loves this car too and always asks when we go somewhere if its the red or blue car. He gets very happy when we ride in the blue car. So do I.

My second best car and I get very nostalgic about this one. My 1994 Toyota Celica. This was a great took me everywhere. I was commuting a lot with this one so it had over 100,000 miles on it after 4 years and I never had a problem with it. Regular maintenance kept this baby running like a dream. I drove this car in the snow in Utah and it handled great. I was very proud of the fact that I drove the car for about 80,000 before needing tires which amazed the tire people at Costco. It was because I was always in traffic going about 30 miles an hour so I piled on the miles but never drove the car very hard. For a time Hector borrowed my car and he fell in love with it too. A super cute sporty number that hugged the road. I sold this car to a 'friend' for $3000 and then he turned around and sold it a year later for $3600. Oh and this car was stick shift which I LOVE to drive. That's one thing I miss with the BMW (automatic).

1994 Mitsibishi Eclipse. My mom and I went to the nearest auto mall in Tustin. I originally was interested in Acura but the men there ignored me so I took my business next door to the Mitsubishi dealer. This was a fun car but I never got to find out much about it. Two months later I got into a very bad accident involving an 18 wheeler tanker carrying a full load of milk which rear ended me while I was stationary behind a long row of cars and I happened to be the first in the chain of events. Actually my car was stuck to the front of the truck where we hit about 5 cars then went over the shoulder and down a 100 ft drop hill. I had to be cut out with the jaws of life, had a fractured pelvis and multiple cuts and bruises. I spent 10 days in the hospital and then had physical therapy for about 3 months after that. The Eclipse was totalled but it worked out in the end. I bought the Celica, paid off my student loans and bought a condo with the settlement.

1986 Toyota Corolla. I bought this one used when I was college so I drove this one a lot too. This was one little good car too. I drove this to college in Stockton from LA then it served me well on my long commutes to work. I put on lots of miles and it was very dependable.

My first car in high school. Piece of crap. 1976 VW Dasher wagon. It was even this reddish orange oxidized color too. I got a stick shift so my mom couldn't drive it but she was lucky since it was an awful car. I think I had this for a year before we sold it again. It got me around town but that was about it. Something was always breaking down. Good riddance.

So that is my car history....what was your first car or fave?

Monday, July 21, 2008


Nothing new to report. The weekend was blissfully uneventful. I found my Nintendo DS and played Puzzle Quest most of Sunday. Everyone has become used to the big hole in the wall and the mildew smell is mostly gone.

Oh yes....

The big news that our nephew A will be coming to live with us for a little bit when he starts school at Long Beach. I'm sure the kids will love having another person to bug and we'll have to see how long he lasts on our household. Mostly likely he will get sick of us before we get sick of him.

Also Hector is picking more hours at Bellflower so that is joyous news. We can knock out some big bills and get this redo on our family room going.

Okay, there was news but you know what I mean. I'm trying to gather a small list for Christmas knitting so I need to pace myself. At least I finished that scarf so I can move on...I do want to knit for a friend's children. They are going through a rough patch with a nasty divorce and custody war so I think at least the girls will enjoy some new hats. There are just too many things to knit and unfortunately I knit kinda slow depending on the item. She-ra is expecting a baby in November and she wants to be surprised by the sex so knitting has to be super generic and unisex.

Friday, July 18, 2008

hole in the wall

Here are the lovely pictures from our find-the-leak day. We found the mildew wall behind the panelling (the same one on the other wall).

They pulled the carpet back to find this beauty underneath. Try not to lose your lunch.

The mildew part was super easy to remove since it's all gross. Just peel away.

And this is what we have left. The plumber has already come and gone but recommended that we leave this open to dry for 2 weeks before putting up drywall. Right now, we're at day 2.

On a happier note, Happy Birthday to Carol! She is the lucky recipient of the Harry Potter/Griffindor scarf. May your life be magical!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Okay, I mentioned that Tyler should start learning cursive so last night at Subway I brought the subject up. Hector says oh, Mom should teach you since she has better handwriting. I didn't argue with that and say to Tyler that it is not much different than printing but the m will have 3 humps and n will have 2. Then the master expert handwriter Hector says no that would be wrong, m's have only 2 humps...and with my crazy food deprived mind , I laughed and said oh yeah.

So I wake up this morning realizing...Hey I was correct with m's have 3 humps. That dork! Hector, honey leave the cursive to the people that actually use it. :) Stick with printing.

OC Fair

I didn't a lot of pictures at the fair the other day. Well, these 3 are about it. I was too happy looking around so next time I'll take more. This swing ride was on its way down but the people get to go up to the top while swinging. I don't remember that from last year.

I thought that I should get Tyler a little extra jump for the school year so we're going to start with cursive writing. Yeah, he is super thrilled about that!

Monday, July 14, 2008

finally finished

I finished the never ending scarf last night, added the tassels and tried to upload the picture but blogger wouldn't cooperate. I'm pretty pleased on how it turned out considering I wasn't sure I wouldn't finish it in time. But it's complete, take a good long look at it because I will NEVER knit this kind of scarf again. I don't why beginning knitters think they should start on a scarf, maybe because they don't know any better but to do this is utter boredom. Thank goodness I decided to add the Griffindor lion which perked me up immensely and I think it looks pretty damn cool. My take on the Harry Potter scarf. So there you have it. Don't bother asking for one because the only way you're getting one is to knit it yourself.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Something different

Here is a slouchy hat that I finished a week ago. It might be okay for a young un but it doesn't flop or lay as much as I'd like so it'll go into the giveaway pile. I might try this pattern again with a different yarn..sometimes it just takes the right balance.

Forever Blue

Another favorite song...a song that is beautiful and sad at the same time. Sigh.

Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak at the OC Fair...doing his Love Me Tender while walking through the crowd while women swoon and try to touch him. Good stuff. ;)

If you ever get a chance to see Chris Isaak in concert, do it. He is best known for Wicked Game. Plus he said he'll be on that German fellow's show Craig Ferguson Monday so check it out.

catching up

Okay, I've uploaded the latest batch of photos and video so I'll start with earliest. Tyler and Josh playing Rockband for your entertainment.

While that is loading, the concert last night was awesome. Chris Isaak and his band jammed through songs and he kept up his usual banter with the audience which always makes the show great. He even played several songs that are new and will be on their next album. As usual the show was filled with women of all ages along with their significant others screaming and having a good time. Our seats were excellent, the best we've ever had at the Pacific Amphitheatre thanks to presale tickets. Hey, we got our $37.50 and more. What's great too is that if you buy a T-shirt or CD, Chris will sign it after the show. :)

Now the fair was lots of fun too. We didn't far into the gates when we stopped and loaded up on fair merchandise. Normally I skip all that but this year's theme is Say Cheese so you know I couldn't pass that up. I bought a zip up hoodie and T-shirts for the kids so we're set. Okay so we're done shopping, walk another 20 feet...hmmm, bbq corn! That's what I want. Oh yeah and something to drink, walk another 5 feet to get our souvenir cups. We're having a great time, looking at the food stations, noting where things are at and at the new ones. Okay we're ready for the midway so Kat can win her annual stuffed animal. We make the circuit and finally she spots a Jabberjaw shark she wants and it's a game she likes too. The water gun shooting at the target and the 1st place wins a huge prize. Then we notice, hey, no cash only tickets. Bummer, everything is by tickets so she buys a 100 ticket card for $50. The game is 10 tickets ($5) so she tries....4 times before she finally wins. Phew! She was very happy with her shark.

See, he loves her too! :)

We strolled the craft building to see Kat's entry this year. This is her teddy bear collection and she selected 5...her Mountie Bear, Beefeater bear etc. All very cute and unique so she was a little (okay, lot) put out that she got an Honorable Mention. What does that mean? She asked an attendant and it's pretty much tthe top 5. Oh well. There was also lots of knit and crochet items and Kat was saying how I should enter next time. Hmmm... maybe I will.

I'll post pics and video of Chris Isaak next time so have a good week.

stop and go

well, I've dragged my feet on this Harry Potter scarf for far too long and now I am desparately trying to finish it up because the recipient's birthday is the 18th. I've made really good progress on the scarf once I put my mind to it but I got this insane idea (from Ravelry) to add the Griffindor lion to the scarf. I'll find the link but this person put out a free pattern of a handbag with the cool Griffindor symbol on it. I printed it out and had to isolate the lion from the other parts and was happy to see that it would fit on the scarf I was knitting. So it was off to CVS to find some graph paper and tracing paper for future patterns. So now I've started the lion which I've had to start upside down because of the direction of the knitting. It'll look really cool even though it is not an official looking Harry Potter scarf ; it is my interpretation of it with a nice embellishment.

I should have this finished in a day or so but I'm taking the day off to head out to the OC Fair with Kat for our annual Chris Isaak date. We get to graze on all the great fair food and look at all the stuff people have to sell etc. Maybe even try our luck with some of the games to win the cute stuffed animals of the year.

Plus my carpal tunnel is acting up lately so this will give it some time off to rest then I can tackle the rest of that scarf tomorrow.

Friday, July 11, 2008

indoor activities

Yesterday we did a lot. Inside. Hector's bro Carlos is here for a visit too and we just hung out. The kids kept busy playing until it was time for Josh to head for school. Hector didn't have to work until 3 pm so he helped my mom go to her new MD and got us lunch. We decided to have Guilianos which is an Italian deli...very good sandwiches. The last couple of times though they've gotten my order wrong. I like roast beef with lettuce, tomato, mayo and pepper jack cheese. One time they added mustard which I do like but not on that particular sandwich. Hector orders the kids sandwich special too and that has been wrong a few times too. So this time the guys come back with our sandwiches and Hector takes off to pick up my mom from the MD. Hmmm, my sandwich looks fine as I inspect it, no visible signs of mustard. I start eating then I notice a different taste...kinda spicy. What is that? A few more bites and I realize it's horseradish. Lots of it. My nose/sinuses begin to burn and ugh I can't eat any more. And I like the stuff, the creamy kind of horseradish with my prime rib but this was a lot stronger. I'm thinking, what did I do to deserve this?
Hector comes home and I tell him that Guilianos has done it again. He says, Oh when I called and ordered your sandwich and told the special order. Carlos asked if they have horseradish mayo so they go find out and the girl said no. Well, they guys leave it at that but someone must have thought I wanted horseradish and decided to liberally apply it on my sandwich. Okay, so in the future, no extra talking or conversation that will influence my sandwich preparation in any way, please! Btw, I had to trade with Hector for his sandwich so I could have my lunch. I just had to pick off the onions and pepperocinis.
I really had to pick up my never-ending scarf (Harry Potter) to finish by July 18th for my friends mom bday. I did manage to knit about a foot so only 3-4 feet to go. I think I can do it. That project has been languishing in a box for several months so I want to be done with it. I told Kat that this is an one time only thing from me because it it soooooo boring.
Carlos and Tyler went off to find a fishing game for the PS2 and brought home some ice cream. Yay. I left Josh with it and when I came back it was nearly gone! The stinker. Tyler spent the rest of the day practicing fishing then teaching me how to catch one. That was fun. Earlier in the day, we had taken a short break and played Rockband. Tyler did guitar while I tried the drums. I am really uncoordinated but I'm improving. Carlos was amused by the whole thing.
All righty, off to find some breakfast and then back to knitting.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ugh, it's finally Wednesday...trying to get some things done. But first this morning the kids and I are off to see Alvin and the Chipmunks at our local AMC for summer kids movie day. Only $1 a person...can't beat that. I wonder if the concession prices will be the same.

The triple digit heat wave is more like a warm muggy day here in our town. A little stickier than usual but not an unbearable time.

I tried making the Vermont brand of curry where the instructions were in a different order than I'm used to making it so that might have thrown me off a bit. Plus I bought HOT and it was not even that. Disappointing...I'm sticking with our usual brand which is great.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the blehs

We are experiencing the June Gloom mornings in July but I keep hearing that the temperature is supposed to reach the triple digits later this week. I keep hoping the weather people will be wrong because the Orange County Fair starts on Friday plus Kat and I have a concert (Chris Isaak) on Sunday. We were planning to have a nice afternoon there before the concert but we might have to rethink our plans if it gets super hot.
In the meantime, I'm knitting another hat called Slouchy with a eyelet mock cable which is very cute. Almost done but my carpal tunnel flared up so my right wrist is hurting. After I finish this hat, I'm gonna have to take a knitting break which is a total bummer. But maybe I can devote more time to photography and my lessons. I'll figure out something to do.
Yesterday I was in a rare cleaning mood, so I scrubbed the stovetop, kitchen sink, my shower and the fish bowl. The fight against clutter is ongoing with the clutter gradually winning so I'll need to tackle that.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Speed 2

Here we are again at Speed Racer land where Speed is always ready to race.

The other day Josh was getting sleepy and wanted a blanket so I told him to get one. We have many small fleece type blankets perfect for naps but no, he goes and drags down their full size Speed Racer comforter from upstairs. There is no other substitute.

Feeding the Obsession

On Friday Hector went to Target to look for some blades for the blender because mine have wore out. Of course, once Josh heard the word 'Target' he went into a joyous state because there is Speed Racer stuff. He thinks he needs every possible item made involving Speed Racer.

So when Hector and the kids came back from the store...this is what they brought.

The Speed Racer sound effect helmet. Will fit my big head.
The Speed Race plushy pillow.

Speed Racer sound effects steering wheel.

The Speed Racer sheet and comforter set for the kids' bunkbed. Yes, and there is even more merchandise to get! It is really cute to see Josh get soooo excited about this that I'm even thinking it being a Halloween costume for Josh which I already see available at as an adult costume.

Here Tyler is driving using the helmet and steering wheel. The helmet makes different sounds depending on how you lean ie. accelerate when leaning forward.

I'm already looking at the backpack for later. A booklet came in one of the products so Josh has been very busy looking at all the cool toys. He insists that he needs it especially the Maltese Ice Caves Hot Wheels track. We might have to stock up because who knows if this stuff will be around for Christmas.


I managed to whip out a hat and practice a new technique. After my disastrous attempt(s) at the provisional cast on, I browsed Ravelry for some hat patterns. Like usual I found several and after some thinking, I chose Leef's ear flap hat which uses Fair Isle or stranded knitting. I read the pattern several times to make sure I understood what I had to do and dove in. It took me a night of knitting but I finished it! I used some leftover yarn that I have laying around that will look nice for winter skiing or playing. The chart was easy to follow and once I got the hang of 2 strands of yarn hanging there, it was fun.
It fits Josh's head but I think I'll save it for a future gift for a toddler boy. Plus the pattern gives instructions on how to increase/decrease the size so I'm definitely making more.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Funny Video

Don't try this and yes, I mean YOU!


I was trying to knit a particular scarf in one of my books but the provisional cast on doomed me from the beginning. I tried the method in the book which is supposed to unzip to expose live stitches so you can knit in the other direction. I followed the instructions but my unzipping part didn't unzip. Grr, I knit only about 5 rows but still..I frogged it and tried another method I looked up on the internet with video. Okay it took me several times watching the video to get it or so I thought because this didn't unzip either. The waste yarn would tangles because apparently I am doing this wrong. I searched for more methods and there are several ways to do this cast on but each one would not unzip for me. I must have tried about 7 times various ways but none of them worked for me. I give up.

Maybe if I remember next time I'll take it to a yarn store where someone with better knowledge can show me how it's supposed to be done because I'm doing something very wrong. All those methods can't be wrong so it must be me. Loser.

Happy 4th of July

Today will be very low key for us today. We're just trying to rest and recuperate. The only thing planned is to head out to the park tonight to watch the fireworks. Have fun and stay safe.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yesterday my mom asked if I go to Target and I said yes (not sure where this is going). She said she is looking for a particular lotion from Jergens and Target carries it. My mom has not been in Target for a long time and this is her reason. It has too much red inside which makes her feel sick. At first I let the statement slide right on by and said no problem I'll go and look for it tomorrow. After I got off the phone, I thought WUUUHHHHHHT did she just say? The color red makes her sick? Hmmmmm, just another weird 'quirk' about my mom. By the way I am very proud of how I handled it and just let it go by because if I said something honest I would be called rude and start WWIII. And when I went in there I forgot to really pay attention to the inside but I didn't notice any overwhelming redness and I did not get sick!


This past year has been full of surprises in the choices of hobbies and entertainment. The knitting is now a full blown hobby that has replaced reading and it's not really surprising to me. But bowling? For a while Hector and I were bowling every week having a good time even though after the 3rd game Hector's leg would start aching and eventually we got too busy. For Hector's birthday, I got him an electronic dartboard on a whim which he set up in our dining room. Yes an unusual place but it works since we have the world's ugliest wallpaper in there, it doesn't matter. We started with 301 and games like that but graduated to cricket. Since I'm the newbie, I'd take "mulligans" or re dos like crazy and the games would be entertaining. Lately every night after the kids go to bed, we'd play cricket and I now limit myself to the 3 darts. I was getting my butt kicked left and right but the last couple of nights, I've been winning. I either really improved or Hector sucked (a little of both maybe). :) One of the games, Hector counted that I hit & scored on 7 bulls eyes. So that is our latest couple thing to do. Tonight we're going to another concert at Hollywood Park to see Missing Persons and When in Rome. 80's here we come.