Friday, September 28, 2012

VIdeo Friday: educational

Hehe, I figured out how to schedule posts to publish on a certain day. I love technology and gadgets but I'm not the most timely or cutting edge. Anyway, here is the video of a They Might Be Giants that was on my iPod (don't remember the album/CD) that I used to play for the kids in the car and we'd all sing along.

Well now there is a video. It looks like that the band recorded more songs and made a DVD to go along with it. The song is much faster here but still a good one. Both kids remember random facts about the sun due to this song.

I wil be heading to Vegas Friday to Monday, hence the preplanning of posts. But stay tuned for next weeks...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween: DIY Link

I've getting a little crazed in the craftyness and decided to make both boys Halloween costumes. Okay, I was really inspired by the awesome costumes (cosplay) we saw at the Anime Expo, and ComicCon. I did some major internet surfing and found some neat sites to help me on my way.

First of all, I relied on this DIY tutorial. My first attempt for the tunic was eh okay. I originally chose a green cotton blend but the material was too thin that frayed at the edges and gave me fits. I went back to the fabric store and found a light suede-like green material that turned out much better. I used a very large oversized Tshirt for my youngest son so the tunic will gather up nicely when belted. The v-neck is a tad large but I'm not going to worry about it. 

I cut out the pieces and loosely sewed the pieces together and then went over it for real with the sewing machine once I had it how I wanted. I edged the armholes, hem and collar edge by hand just because I didn't want to mess it up with the sewing machine since I'm a beginner. I didn't bother with actual sleeves because of my newbie sewing skills and just made the shoulders wider to hang as pseudo sleeves.

I followed the cap instructions as is also edging the cap opening by hand.

Here are the results so far. It's decent and Josh exclaimed that he didn't know how skilled I was with the sewing machine which was super sweet. If he thinks its great, that makes me super happy.

Preview: DIY Link costume
Okay, we still need the belt, boots & gauntlets. For the photo, I could only find one Ugg boot so excuse that lameness.

DIY Link costume ready for action
My Link needs a shield!!

DIY Link costume: lunging
Moves great for combat.

Stay tuned for more updates and Tyler's costume.

Grease Monkey

Slowly, we are introducing Tyler to more grownup responsibilities that will be essential (or at least handy) to know. I'm fortunate to have a very handy hubby to make our life a bit easier and more cost effective. When we were first dating, I witnessed Hector repair a pair of broken glasses with a lighter, a baggie twist tie & a Swiss army knife where I dubbed him McGyver. ;)

Anyway, our Honda needed to be looked at for brakes, rotors etc. Hector enlisted Tyler and together they replaced the parts and put the SUV back together. They took it out for a test drive and the brakes worked fine.

I'm not sure if Tyler will retain any of this later but he did tell me he relayed the story to his algebra teacher on Monday when asked about his weekend. She asked him, "Where were you when I needed you!" I think he got a little kick out of that!

Grease monkey jr.


tricks of the trade

Monday, September 24, 2012

More Endeavor

Endeavor's final hurrah2

Here are more of my Endeavor photos that I used various presets in Lightroom to make them pop. I have a really busy well ahead of me. I escorted Josh into school today so I could take of some things in the office like getting a volunteer form. I found out that I need to update my TB status and also transferred lunch money from Tyler's account to Josh's account which I've been meaning to do for a long time.

Anyway, I went to the minute clinic at CVS for the TB test and found out that I can get the flu shot for free under our insurance. That's all done and just have to go back on Wednesday to have the skin test read.

Tonight I'm supposed to attend a meeting for Tyler's 8th grade trip. I'm glad they start planning way in advance since he is in 7th grade because it will help clear up the financial aspect. When T told me that the 8th graders get to go on a trip during spring break, I'm thinking Washington DC. Isn't that the usual trip middle schoolers take? Well, he could have knocked me over when he said the kids get to vote for either Costa Rica or Spain. What? That was unexpected but I was surprised that Tyler was interested in going. He's travelled plenty but I just thought it interesting that he would want to go on a school trip.

Endeavor with 2 fighter jets


Endeavor approaches

You can see the full set of my photos, click here. Try viewing them on blackground by clicking on the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner. I'm sure there is a shortcut but don't know it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Video Friday: Saturday edition

A day late but I heard this song last night which reminds me of LA Kings games when this song was played during intermission.

I miss hockey but hopefully it will be back soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The 3rd Tuesday of the month is free admission to our local botanical garden so I try to take advantage of it as time to myself and photography. It's been a while since I've used my DSLR so I had fun trying to get back into the groove.

Here are some my favorites of the day.

Park bench view

More purple

sundial b/w

tiny red flower

king palm

I would've stayed longer but it was getting hot. I'll try again next month when it's hopefully cooler. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Recently my youngest son wanted to try skateboarding (again). No problem. I found an assortment of safety pads/helmet and both kids skateboard (in case one was preferred). J was open to trying again and again. Several kids offered advice and demonstrations. A classmate of Josh's gave the most (best) advice because Josh actually listened to K and tried it.

About a week has gone by and Josh has shown some significant improvement. :) He now prefers using Tyler's skateboard so we'll see if he continues, he can get his own for Christmas/bday. :) I have pictures (of course) and for some odd reason, Josh chose to wear his fleece vest that morning. Just because it was overcast. Oh well, it is a nice bright color. Never mind it was like 90*.

Sk8rboy ready for action
yes, his clothing really is this bright
Colorful sk8r boy
Sk8r safety in action
More practice
Sk8r boy in training
and some riding.

What is that pink thing?

cutest mobile dog groomer EVAH!!

Last night, Hector called me on the phone and said grab your camera. Very curious, I met him in the driveway and we walked around to the next streeet. There we saw this bright pink trailer and on getting closer it was a mobile dog grooming service in the shape of a dog. Complete with dog ear windows!!!  Really cute and the lady that runs it let me take pictures of it.

Pink mobile dog groomer Vroom Groom

So if you're in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, you can hire the cutest mobile dog grooming service. I can't say anything about the actual dog grooming but the little truck should make the grumpiest person smile...

We don't have a dog but I'd try this just on sheer cuteness alone...

Monday, September 17, 2012


Taking care of loved ones with dementia is extremely difficult and Hector and Loop have really stepped up in Lita's care. She is an excellent facility which is at a halfway point between Loop's home and Hector's work. They take turns so that Lita will get a visit from one of them daily. They take her goodies to eat and chat with her.

Lita forgets that she can't get up and walk so lately she took a tumble that resulted in a black eye. Hector brings her apple empanadas from Taco Bell which she really loves ( hello, sweet tooth) and for her, each time is the very first time she has tasted these wonderful desserts. ;)

Both H & L try their best to make sure Lita is fed and taken care of. It's not easy and they've made great sacrifices to do this.  I want them to know that I love them for it. :)

Lita and Hector

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Condo Redo

For several months in addtion to regular jobs and obligations, H and his nephew Alex have been working very hard at cleaning out and updating Lita's condo to rent out. Numerous hours and dollars have been contributed to make the place liveable and nice.

All that work  is coming together and finally showing signs of being very close to getting done. Alex has been doing a great job doing a majority of the work like painting, tiling and installing.

On Saturday, the granite countertops arrived to be measured, cut and installed. It looks fantastic!!

If you want to see more of the remodel pics, click here.

Kitchen waiting for countertops and sink
Waiting for the granite and sink.
New kitchen tile
Love the tile work.
New slider door
New Slider.
New recessed lighting
New lighting
New vanity, toilet & tile in bath
Updated bath
Kitchen coming together
Granite and sink transformation

Friday, September 14, 2012

Last of the Famous International Playboys

I can't forget my Friday video!

 I was busy scooting around town to find fermented black beans to make some pork ribs for tonight. I tried our corner market which caters to Korean customers and I found something similar but the sources I Googled says fermented black beans are really soybeans and salt and the jar I found was soybeans and sugar. Huh? So back into the car to 99 Ranch market which caters to Chinese customers and of course, there it was. :) The house smells really yummy as the ribs are simmering for a couple of hours. Even Tyler asked what that good smell was when he came home from school. Josh seemed on the fence.

Anyway, back to the video. The Smiths/Morrissey are one of my faves and I think Moz has a unique voice. I'm glad he's still singing and touring although it's harder to find him and I'm slowing down in my concert attendance. ;)

Now to cool down during another heat surge! And maybe some knitting...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Solfar Socks

Woot! I finished a pair of socks yesterday. :) It's been so hot & muggy lately, I haven't had much interest in knitting but fans & room A/C helped a lot.

The pattern is Solfar by Cookie A from the 2012 Cookie A sock club and my first finished pair from the club. So far I've loved all the yarns and patterns, especially the cookie recipes. I think I've made more cookies from the club than socks but I'm slowly challenging myself with her sock patterns. A lot of Cookie A patterns look complex and intricate which can be intimidating but I'm slowly finding out that I can do these and the socks don't turn out to be hard at all.

So I present my Solfar socks with Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering yarn (with cashmere in it) in Vintage Icebox. I had a quick impromptu session with my Canon & remote trigger which turned out rather well. The fit is perfect so these will be a welcome addition in my sock drawer.

Now I just need to find show cool shoes to show off my handknit socks. :)
Solfar socks7

Solfar socks6

Solfar socks4

Solfar socks3
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Solfar socks
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Retirement Party

We got a chance to attend Emma's retirement party Saturday night located in Alhambra in some banquet hall in a park which was surprisingly nice & serene overlooking a pond and golf course.

Lots of people were there to celebrate with food and dancing. We had a great time.

Chocolate and white cake. Yum!

Here we are.
A better view of the pond/lake.
It was fun to get out without the kids and socialize with adults. :) You know what I mean!

This song came on the radio which is great from back in the day but true in how time passes you by. You need to seize the day! :)

Also Tyler needed a photo of himself for art class. He needs to make a self protrait so he actually agreed to me taking a picture of him. Usually there is grumbling and reluctance when mom has her camera out but he was very willing and receptive. This is the one he chose. :)


I had to fix his hair. Honestly, this kid could care less but I'm trying to get him to.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

JPL tour

As usual, I'm behind in posting. School has begun and things have started to settle down. SoCal has been experiencing a heatwave for about a month now so it's wearing on me. Last summer it wasn't very warm at all so I suppose this is payback.

I haven't even knit that much except on my Cookie A sock club Solfars which are from June(?). I'm on the toes so I hope to have them finished by tonight.

But I'm getting ahead of myself are the photos I took on our last summer field trip to JPL. If you ever are in the area, be sure to try and book a tour (weeks in advance). There is an open house every year but it gets crazy crowded. Not as many areas are open to the tour but if crowds are not your thing then I recommend the tour.


Kids in front of model

Mars Rover 1 & 2

Assembly room

Really fascinating but the kids got a little tired since the tour is about 2.5 hours long with some walking in the hot weather. Overall, I think they had a good time. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

While I was away...

with the kids in Hawaii, Hector took off to see his brother Carlos in Las Vegas. It was a super short trip but he managed to see their anime convention, visit with our friend Mark & have dinner.

At the anime convention.
Some serious cosplay action
Mark at dinner
Catching up with an old friend.
Living room
Mark has a nice setup while working in Vegas.
Planet Hollywood and Paris
and a really nice view.
This was Hector's adventure in a very short weekend. More pictures in my Flickr set.

Friday, September 07, 2012

horsey dance

I know this video has been out for a while but since some local people in El Monte got in trouble for filming their own parody of this video so I have to post it. The music is catchy and I have no clue to what he is saying except, sexy lady and gangnam style. The dancing it pretty funny too. And the skinny guy in the yellow suit reminds me of Vector from Despicable Me. 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Lagoon video

Here is the video of the lagoon where we spent a few days enjoying the water and sun. :)

SUP video

I forgot that I shot some video while in Hawaii. Here is Josh paddling in the lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Now that I know he can do it, we can try it out in California.  :)


Today is the first day of school for both boys so it feels a little quiet around here. It was pretty hectic so I don't have the usual first day of school photos but picture it in your mind's eye.

Actually I did take some of Tyler who doesn't look thrilled and Josh just looks nervous. I don't know if they want to relive those exact moments.

But we did have fun counting all the different things we did this summer...

  1. Taking the Metro to downtown LA & seeing the Walt Disney concert hall and city library.
  2. Going the the Getty Villa
  3. Going to the Arboretum
  4. Going to the OC Fair
  5. Travelling to Indio
  6. vacationing in Hawaii
  7. JPL tour
  8. numerous trips to the beach and pool
By taking account of all our activities, Tyler said, "Wow, we did do a lot this summer!" Yes kids, I worked hard to keep you busy and entertained this summer!

I'm looking forward to next summer.