Friday, May 30, 2014


It's Friday and Game 6 of the Western Conference finals. Here's to the Kings winning (please, oh please) and moving on to the Finals.

Video flashback of all sorts with the re-vamp of A-Ha's Take on Me by Reel Big Fish plus that it was used in Samba di Amigo way back in the day on Dreamcast. I freaking loved that game and spent way too much time playing a game of a monkey shaking his maracas to all sorts of songs. 

I might have dig that game out and see if it still works.  I bet Tyler and Joshua will beat all my high scores in no time.  

I'm heading out to tonight's game with Laura so look for us on TV. I have all day to get my anxiety levels to a record high then let the hockey playing commence.

Randy's Donuts Go Kings hockey puck

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Show and Tell

I have some pretty knits to show off today. Actually some have been done for a while but I've taken photos now so I can share.

We had a heat wave 2 weeks back which sucked the life out of everyone and now we are to our usual May gray/June gloom. I like the cool weather, personally.

Okay, here are my Smaug socks which I may have shown off before but I took a couple more photos of me wearing them which displays the stitches off better. Yes, the socks are really bright and my legs are even brighter.
These are kind of snug on me so I will gift them to my niece who is graduating high school and going off to school in Chicago where she will need some more warm accessories. 

Another pair of socks that are plain vanilla socks because look at how crazy colorful/bright the yarn is. Lots of knitters refer to this kind of colorful yarn as clown barf. Descriptive, isn't it? With all the socks I knit with intricate patterns/textures, I do love me some plain socks. A ribbed leg for lots of stretch will fit a variety of people.
These are just a tad long for me so I will gift them to a dear friend. I know she will appreciate the wild colors.
I also finally finished a baby blanket. I targeted the future dad since he is a USC grad and he can avoid the typical cutsey factor. This can be very tedious and hard for me to complete but I gave myself enough time and slogged along. The finished result is great so if I do attempt another blanket, this pattern is the perfect  one to use up those leftovers I save up. I'm sure I can find another pregnant friend somewhere.

Last, but not least are some cute coasters. The pattern is called Drip Coasters (free on Rav) and another great way to use up leftovers; this time with sock yarn.


  I think these will a nice end of the year gift to Joshua's teacher. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Skipping thru

The recurring theme at this blog: I'm a bad blogger.

Okay, now that's out of the way so I can share what I've been up too. The LA Kings are still in the playoffs so there's that to occupy most of my waking moments along with following all the other teams.

I did finish a pair of socks this month. I haven't done a proper photoshoot but maybe that will eventually happen.

Smaug socks finished! #gokingsgo #socks #knit

The pattern is called Smaug for all you LOTR fans and the texture resemble dragon scales. Pretty, huh? I chose a stash yarn in the depths of my yarn storage. It is a deep coral-red color that I believe is Jitterbug. I really do have to catalog my yarn so I have a record of them when I do finally finish my projects. Sigh, another project to add to my ever growing list.

Oh, but this pattern is pretty awesome. I love the texture and I know lots of friends and family would love this pattern. I'm not so sure if socks are such a good gift...I don't know if they would appreciate them as much as I love them.

I do keep knitting them though.

Here is another fun distraction knit...

My knitted Stanley Cup waiting in the wings for my beloved #lakings #knit Note: I have red wine to help me!

A Stanley Cup (knitted, of course)! I figured I should have another one waiting in the wings...just in case. This is much bigger than my original one and believe you me, I needed this bottle of wine (others not pictured) to get through the first 2 rounds of playoffs. Needless to say, our neighbors definitely knew when the Kings scored!

Being silly.

I had a lovely Mother's Day and birthday (way back in April). It was gadget driven so I got a new iPhone5 and Chromecast (both life changers). ;)

Friday, May 02, 2014

Spring Break

Sorry for the extended hiatus...I'm constantly playing catch up with my blog and I still didn't finish my Calgary trip. :/

I wanted to post some pics of Tyler's trip because we've been preparing for this 8th grade trip since the previous year and boom, it was finally here. We spent lots of time prepping Tyler for this trip since Mom & Dad won't be with him. I actually made Tyler live out of his suitcase the week before to have him get used to being responsible for his things.

The internet service is spotty at best in the areas where the kids were so most days we got a daily email from the teacher updating on their location/activities. We were on our own spring break trip too so this was all happening at the same time.

Overall, his nine day trip was fun. We noticed that Tyler carried himself with a little more assurance and confidence. He was more considerate for others too. It was really hard to let him go and we missed him like crazy but I think he learned a lot on this trip.

He did bring a camera and managed to take some pictures but I think he stopped about halfway through the trip. Luckily, the EF tour guide took pics of all the kids along with group photos that I will post later.

For now, here are some of Tyler's pictures.







I think he'll remember this trip for a really long time and it looks like so much fun, the rest of us want to go to Costa Rica.  :)