Wednesday, November 30, 2016

something different

For some reason, I find this commercial extremely funny.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy Thanksgiving

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a nice, low-key time with just our family of four and my mom. Hector ordered a smoked turkey from our favorite smoke meat shop in Bishop and it was super delicious! I really liked that I could just heat it in the oven since it was fully cooked. Usually Hector and I have to tie and wrestle the turkey and then skewer it for our rotisserie. It comes out amazing and fast but it' just more effort overall.

The meal was lovely and it was nice to just share a nice meal. My mom is getting older and family is so important to us. My mom's friend recently passed away 2 weeks ago so we need to cherish our moments.

Black Friday was another low key day for me although the kids ventured out and walked to Target and Toys r Us. They are more adventurous than me, obviously. I went out Wednesday shopping and spent my anniversary gift card at Nordstrom. I didn't have any ideas except for some makeup eye brushes. 

Side note: I bought 3 brushes. A blender brush, an eye shadow brush and smaller taper brush. Lately, I've been doing my eye makeup differently to work with my hooded eyes so I thought some new brushes would be nice. I used them Wednesday night and boy, I noticed a huge difference in the ease of application. Brushes have come a long way! 

So back to shopping....I was wandering around Nordstrom and found the sale table at the purse section. Needless to say, my shopping was done after that. 2 purses and some more bucks past my gift card amount but it was done. Another side note: I ended going back Sunday because the Black Friday deal gave me another 20% off one of my purses. Yay!

Hector and I went dancing a couple times which was fun! Add a couple hockey games sprinkled in there and some good rain in SoCal made for a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, November 18, 2016



It's Friday and I hope everyone had a great week! Time to relax (a little) and enjoy! 

My week was super busy yet I'm learning to appreciate the ups and downs a little more. I'm grateful to my wonderful husband...did I forget to mention that we had our 20th wedding anniversary on the 9th? 

Thanksgiving is coming up fast...I just realized this when people begin asking what our plans are? What? It's next week?!? Luckily Hector ordered the turkey which arrived yesterday. 

I'll leave you with a joke...

Why did the cranberry sauce turn red??

It saw the turkey dressing!!!!!!

Boom! :)

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Another weekend flies by...

It's already November!! How did that happen? I remember that 2016 didn't start off so well (in general) and has continued to be a sad/weird/not-so-good year. 

The good things for me personally though is that 1) I turned 50 years old and Hector threw an awesome, epic surprise party that he worked on for almost a year...2) Hector and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary which I still can't believe...3) I'm still challenging myself personally to always improve and become a better person.

Sometimes, it's easy to get complacent and in a rut so one has to shake thing up a bit sometimes. 

Meanwhile, I gave our hockey tickets away to out niece and her daughter since Hector went to Vegas and I couldn't find anyone to go with me. Then Julie steps in saying her BF isn't going to the hockey game with her so she asks me....everyone wins! Best of all, we got to try out the new restaurant Cleo in DTLA. Mediterranean food at its best. Everything we ordered was excellent. Hummus, Brussel sprouts, kabobs and drinks. We will definitely be going back again soon.

Then we have the hockey top off our evening the Kings win!! First win in regulation which is kind of weird almost a month into the season. I got to visit Trish and her daughter during intermissions so it was just a really nice night. 

Sunday morning I was able to sleep in a little bit which is always a sweet thing. Not much on our schedule except to take the kids to California Adventure for the afternoon. They never have been in the Grand Californian so for some reason it was exciting for them. They were equally excited to enter the park through the hotel entrance which saves us time going all the way around. Quick security check and bam, we're in the park. It was also Dapper Day at the park where people dress up, mostly in vintage/retro clothing which adds a nice touch. 

Phew!! Okay, another week starts...a very important week that includes Election Day. Please exercise your right to vote!!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Halloween Weekend

So much to catch up on...still working on my time management but things are moving along and we are happy and healthy.

We had a super busy Halloween weekend with H debuting his One Punch Man Saitama costume which involves H shaving his head.

Yes, he shaved his head and it totally completes the look. 


I admit, I was skeptical if people would recognize this character since he's kind of a niche anime cartoon but nope, I was wrong. As soon as we approached the door, the bouncer knew, the cashier knew and another employee knew. Heh.


My costume on Saturday night which is a vague sort of animal. I'm going with panther, yeah! This night we went to the Pet Shop Boys concert in DTLA. It was awesome and I've been a huge fan since the very beginning. I remember several years ago that we were going to see them at the Hollywood Bowl but it was cancelled. 

Recently I noticed that they were in concert in Vegas so I searched and wow, they're in Los Angeles at the the Microsoft Theatre! We've never been there and it's a really great venue. 

We arrived early to use our Morton's gift card and enjoy some great bar food and drinks. We love Morton's and sat in the bar watching the Kings lose. 

Saitama <Saitama

We had a such great time and PSB sounded fabulous. They have so many hits and they released a new album so there wasn't enough time for all their hits but so much fun. 


We even ran into another Saitama at LA Live!! So funny! 

On Sunday, we had a family event at the Hollywood Bowl to see Nightmare Before Christmas with Danny Elfman and the original cast sing along to the film. This is the last year that Danny Elfman will do this which is sad but it looked like everyone involved loved performing and it was super cool to see them get so animated (haha).

I did get dressed up as Fiona from Adventure Time while our kids declined. We had lots of fun dressing up at all our events and now is the big question of whether Hector will keep his head shaved or grow out his hair...I guess that will be for future posts..