Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy Thanksgiving

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a nice, low-key time with just our family of four and my mom. Hector ordered a smoked turkey from our favorite smoke meat shop in Bishop and it was super delicious! I really liked that I could just heat it in the oven since it was fully cooked. Usually Hector and I have to tie and wrestle the turkey and then skewer it for our rotisserie. It comes out amazing and fast but it' just more effort overall.

The meal was lovely and it was nice to just share a nice meal. My mom is getting older and family is so important to us. My mom's friend recently passed away 2 weeks ago so we need to cherish our moments.

Black Friday was another low key day for me although the kids ventured out and walked to Target and Toys r Us. They are more adventurous than me, obviously. I went out Wednesday shopping and spent my anniversary gift card at Nordstrom. I didn't have any ideas except for some makeup eye brushes. 

Side note: I bought 3 brushes. A blender brush, an eye shadow brush and smaller taper brush. Lately, I've been doing my eye makeup differently to work with my hooded eyes so I thought some new brushes would be nice. I used them Wednesday night and boy, I noticed a huge difference in the ease of application. Brushes have come a long way! 

So back to shopping....I was wandering around Nordstrom and found the sale table at the purse section. Needless to say, my shopping was done after that. 2 purses and some more bucks past my gift card amount but it was done. Another side note: I ended going back Sunday because the Black Friday deal gave me another 20% off one of my purses. Yay!

Hector and I went dancing a couple times which was fun! Add a couple hockey games sprinkled in there and some good rain in SoCal made for a wonderful weekend!!

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