Monday, September 28, 2015

Howling at the Moon

The last supermoon of 2015 and it wasn't at some horrible late night time. It was a tad inconvenient since I was eating dinner and roasting another tri-tip for later this week. I admit I was too ambitious in my timing but oh well. Hector told me he could see the moon really well at the park about 2 blocks away so I shut the oven off and had the kids carry my tripod to the park. This was around 7pm.

It took a little bit for my eyes to adjust and actually see the moon which was eclipsed and very difficult to see with some the hazy clouds. We walked around some more and found a decent spot to set up.

The kids were helpful in setting up the tripod and using their phones to light up my camera to adjust settings.

I had to tweak my pictures in LR3 and crop but you can see the red color and eclipse although it's grainy.

Lunar Eclipse

Red Lunar Eclipse

Later that night around 11:30pm  I went back outside to look at the moon and it was perfectly visible from our driveway so I brought the tripod back out for the supermoon shot.

Super Moon

Monday, September 21, 2015

Wanna Play?

This is pretty cool. It would have to be in Edmonton because LA wouldn't know what to do.

Monday, September 14, 2015


It's Monday and another blog post. Our weather is a tad bit cooler so that's a relief. The kids will have their first full week of school so hopefully it will be smooth transitions.

I won tickets to the Depeche Mode convention for Sunday night. Hector agreed to go with me and arranged his Monday schedule to the late shift so we could have a fun time. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. 

We think a 1:30am Mexican food run was the culprit to triggering the sludge in his gallbadder duct set off stomach pain at 9am Sunday morning. By noon, he couldn't take it anymore and we set off to the ER thinking he would most likely need surgery since these type of incidents have happened twice before in the last 2 months. I drove to his work since he knows/trusts the doctors there.

Poor guy couldn't get comfortable at all since 9am and after some Toradol. Of course, it took a while to drive to the hospital with a traffic accident jamming up the freeway. Then the ER was full of people to add more time. I think we waited about 2 hours before he was taken inside. Bloodwork,  some pain meds and 2 more hours later the pain lessened a little and he was sent home. 

So we got home around 6:30pm and we were both exhausted by that point. Hector is taking today off to rest and take it easy.

So no more greasy food for now although H has been really good since April and lost 50 pounds. Funny how the body works...

I did get lots of knitting done on my Be Simple scarf/shawlette. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Major Announcement!!!

I almost forgot to tell the internet universe that we finally got a bed!!! You might not find that remotely interesting or major but we haven't had a bed since February so that's 6 months.

I can recap the story quickly. We had our old bed for 18 years so it was time anyway. I got a series of bites along my sides and at first I thought they were flea bites. Then H said they're bed bugs. So I just freak and throw out our bed. It had to go. We treated the house and no more bites.

I get a fabulous decision to redo our room since there is no bed in there (air mattress is easy to move). As in myself... yeah that went well. I  did my best to try to scrape and paint but I had a girls trip to Vegas planned then following week, we were off  to Japan plus taking care of my mom. Put that room on hold. Come back and well, life just goes on....

We finally finished our room this summer and then procrastinated on a bed. Finally made the decision in August and we now have a Sleep Number bed. And its a Cal King too which is still weird to me. So that's the short convoluted story to our new bed. It's very nice! :)

Here is our new bed. Upgraded to a Cal King w/ Sleep Number. I love it.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

It's September already?

One of my dedicated readers keeps mentioning that I haven't blogged in a long time. Okay honey, I get it! 

After some health scares with my mom and just overall stress in dealing with that and life in general, the summer is finishing up and we're getting ready for school. 

Our oldest son, T has turned 16 years old. A milestone for many of us because we all wanted to get that drivers license. Well, those days are long gone with the restrictions on teen drivers under 18 which is good in many ways. We attended a meeting to inform parents and future drivers of the laws and restrictions in place. With a new semester beginning, T will postpone drivers ed etc to concentrate on his 2 honors classes and an extra class at SCROC. I have to start getting organized for college visits/apps too so I will be adding more stress into our lives. ;)

Today is my mom's birthday ! So thankful for her never ending love and support.

But T has really matured a lot personally over the summer and we are extremely proud. Both kids have stepped up a lot this summer and we will have a nice little break coming up to celebrate that. My mom has her birthday the day after T's so we're always busy celebrating our 2 September birthdays.

Lots of stuff to catch on, as usual so I'll start with the easiest since I still need to upload photos from a recent getaway. 

I found my knitting mojo...finished some projects that were sitting around. Of course that means, I started twice as many to be extra ambitious.

Little bear hat. 👶

Latest pair of #monstersocks #blenders #knit

Another WIP finished. Ready for cooler weather. Mismatched #knit legwarmers.

I did some nail art again after letting my nails rest for a couple of weeks.
So hot/muggy today. Decided to play with striping tape. Fun, need to practice & better eyes to peel the tiny tape.

2nd adventure with striping tape.  In Wanna Dance? and Can't Check This! Success!! #chromegirl #NHLcolors #nailart
I did some baking for H's work. 

Mango Lemon Thumbprint cookies.

Lots of leftover curd so I made mini tarts with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough.

I'm brainstorming some ideas for future projects. I don't want to say too much yet but I'm excited about it. Speaking of crafty things, I knit lots of items, big and small that I send to H's work for sale. I don't know if anyone is interested again but please let me know then I can set that up. 

Okay, that will do it for now. I need to get our groceries and some clothes/shoes for the kids.