Monday, September 30, 2013

Punk Rock Girl

Hector and I heard this song on the satellite radio the other night and began singing along. Too funny.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wedding Annis

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my cousin Hannah got married and here is her knitted wedding gift. An Annis that so versatile as a shawlette or scarf.

So pretty and feminine.

I originally began this project with a really pretty soft green lace yarn but somewhere along the line, I messed up and couldn't fix it. I had to scrap it and choose another yarn that wasn't so fine.

I got this oatmeal colored  mohair yarn with a metallic gold thread on sale and think it will be a nice complement to Hannah. There are only a few patterns that I will knit more than once and this one of them. I think this is my 4th Annis and it is really great.

So I'm sure you will eventually see more of these from me...

Close up of Annis edge
Close up of edge.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Apple Core blanket
Apple core blanket. The hole is right by the purple core.

Knitting is a relaxing, therapeutic activity that I really enjoy. I've slowed down a bit mostly because of life and wrist issues but I'm getting back into it.

I knit this cute Apple Core blanket (baby sized) for a really good friend about 1.5 years ago when she was expecting twin girls. The other day when I was over for a visit, I saw it on the family room sofa and picked it up. I could see that it was machine washed because some of the wool has felted but it still holding up well except for a hole where I sewed the cores together. My friend said she uses the blanket all the time and that's why it's on the sofa. I took the blanket home so I could mend it and brought it back.

It makes me really happy to see a handknit gift being used and loved. Sure, it's worn down a bit but I'd rather see it being used & getting holes rather than being stuffed in a drawer somewhere never to see the light of day. Knits are meant to be enjoyed and worn. If it gets destroyed, it gives me a good reason to knit something for you. :)

Meanwhile, I'm slowly making more apple cores from my leftovers so I can have my very own blanket too. :)

Monday, September 23, 2013


General Store

Chad & Hannah
The happy couple!

Pretty spot for a wedding. #chadandhannahwedding
Pretty setting
On Sunday, my closest cousin Hannah married her love Chad in a beautiful, outdoor setting called Paramount Ranch. It has an old West setting and I think it was a nod to Chad's Western/cowboy childhood. The ceremony took place under a huge oak tree which provided shade and a stunning framework.

I didn't take a lot of pictures since I wanted to enjoy their moment but I did take this blurry photo of them making their first entrance as Mr. & Mrs. and she looks soooo happy.

The invite said to dress comfortably and boots preferably Western. We were happy with the comfy part.


Our Place Card
Adorable place card.
The food was awesome. BBQ brisket, ribs & chicken with coleslaw & mac n cheese. The boys loved the ribs and Josh devoured 4 ribs with a boatload of BBQ sauce. My aunt made her famous peanut brittle so we got a lot more to take home along with some Dole pineapples (thanks Matt).

There was lots of activities to enjoy in between events like croquet, bocce ball and horseshoes. There was even a line dance instructor to teach several dances to the guests. Both kids and Hector participated but Tyler is the one who really excelled at the steps. The 2 boys really get their love of dancing from their dad. :)

IMG_1940.jpg IMG_1944.jpg

Cutie pie
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We had such a fantastic time and even the kids said they had lots of fun. That's saying a lot! :)

So congrats to Chad and Hannah on their marriage!! Looking forward to family Chinese dumpling night.