Friday, December 09, 2016

tis the season

Hope you all are having a great Christmas season and remembering to share the gift of love and compassion.

I've been busy working my side biz while doing all my normal activities and naturally some are getting cut out...well, that just can't happen. I usually knit or paint a little gift for family members so I need to get going. My wrists are not able to handle all the long hours of knitting I used to do but I will try to balance it all.

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Shadow has been in-your-face and pet me type of mood so it's sort of funny. When we first got him, he was super skittish and aloof but now almost 2 years later he is the most aggressive about getting his head pets. Shadow will head butt, put his paw on your face or hand in order for you to move that unused hand and pet him! Then when you finally bend to his will, he will make these soft grunts and it racks me up.

Okay, back to knitting... I knit a couple of small things that I think my family will like.

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This little cat is adorable. I think I used a smaller weight yarn but pretty much everything is adaptable. 

The best one is my zero calorie donut. Really just the cutest thing. This one made my wrists ache but I plowed through because I wanted it done. Off course I want to knit more in more color combos so I'll have to try. 
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