Tuesday, December 13, 2016

more random things

These awesome shoes are a gift to myself! I saw them and when they went on sale during Black Friday, I grabbed them! 

I wear them in the house for now to stretch them out a bit and to get used to wearing them. I also need to get stronger laces. The ribbon laces are very pretty but not practical for actual laces...

A photo posted by Debbie T (@moodybq) on

A photo posted by Debbie T (@moodybq) on

I am still working my way through the Opal sock yarn Advent Calendar. I love seeing each day will produce another little mini skein of sock yarn. I'm trying to keep up with knitting a couple of hexipuffs from each one and it's a challenge but I'm getting more hexipuffs this way for my seat cushions. 

Also, I'm knitting ornaments  from them like little hats, and hopefully socks and sweaters. My plan is to have an ornament for my family members. I better get going!

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