Monday, February 27, 2012

Hockey Kid

Finally have our schedule where I can bring Joshua back to hockey practice. They did some drills and then a scrimmage the full length of the ice.

Hockey drills4

Hockey drills13

The following pictures are in sequence during the scrimmage.

Josh hockey scrimmage

Josh is trying to move the puck to the other end of the rink. #14 in red is skating in fast towards Josh and will check shoulders, sending Josh falling down. Of course, I didn't get that picture but the coach yelled out, "No hits!"

Joshua hockey scrimmage2

Josh ended over by the boards, having dropped his stick while the others are still fighting over the puck. He can't pick it up yet since they are practically right on top of it.

Joshua hockey scrimmage3

The play moves on so Joshua is safe to retrieve his stick. :) He did end up scoring a goal for his team.

Hockey drills1
Taking a shot on goal...

Friday, February 24, 2012


Today, I learned something new on Ravelry. No, it wasn't knitting related. I happened to be in the Puck This group and read about a woman loving hockey but playing ringette. I never heard of ringette so I had to go to trusty Google and find more about it.

Very interesting and well, this video explains everything you want to know.

Now you probably learned something new too! :)

Thursday at the Beach

The sunsets/skies this week have been stunning and I was able to make it down the beach and see for myself. Not as many clouds as the previous days but still a nice clear day.

Socked in by fog

But as we drive closer, I see the fog rolling in over Palos Verdes... made for some interesting watching since over the the course of a hour, it went from very foggy to clear.

Meanwhile, the kids got busy digging in the sand and getting their feet wet.

Getting started

Boys by the beach

They had a really good time frolicing in the sand and sea. Lots to see like, surfers, sailboats, volleyball players and various people doing their thing.

Kids, bodysurfer and sailboat

Pair of surfers

Surfer Dude

Tyler and bucket

Josh facing waves

Also, the sunset was beautiful too.

Tyler at sunset

Waves at sunset

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm finally feeling back to my normal self. I'm back to my schedule and lifestyle which has me more energetic.

I had to frog my Jaywalkers since they were too small. I did like how they were turning out so I will cast on a bigger size soon. In the meantime, I started another project just because I saw so many cool socks with this pattern so I started Harvest Dew (free on Ravelry).

Electric Harvest Dew

No, you don't need to adjust your really is this bright. It has a funky name to go along with the wild colors...Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. I got the yarn as part of the Rocking Sock Club 2011 and I think the pattern isn't obscured by the busy yarn. I needed a great project to jumpstart my sock knitting mojo again and so far, this is a fun knit. I'm at the heel flaps now, so it's moving along nicely.

Last weekend, Tyler's kenpo group went to a tournament and it was fun. Tyler did well but didn't win any top awards.
Showing forms

Old School kids

February is almost over along with three 3-day weekends for the kids.  Two of the three weekends, we went on a little trip and on the last one, we vegged for the most part. Phew, that was exhausting but fun.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy President's Day Weekend

Taken in Mammoth while waiting for breakfast...I thought hey, I can take a pic of the boys. They seemed to pose in their normal, boring fashion but I must have been taking a while to get my iPhone to get going and made faces by the time I pushed the shutter.

Totally adorable! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kind of back to normal

Took a little bloggie hiatus, especially the 365 project, and I'm feeling better. Had a busy but short week helping my mom after her eye surgery and our various usual activities.

Flourless Fiery Fudge cookies :)

I made cookies...recipe from my Cookie A Sock club 2012. The flourless, fiery fudge cookies that I accidently added paprika instead of cayenne pepper. Oooops, but it turned out fine and still tastes really good.  :)

Another 3 day weekend for the kids and we'll plan on sticking close to home.

Jaywalkers:in progress

Jaywalker socks in progress and I think I'm finding my sock knitting mojo again. It's slow but it's coming.

Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


To cap off our trip, the boys go sledding.


The past week has been pretty hectic and stressful so I needed to step back and take it easy. I can get worked up fast so it was nice to do some other things.

We had a nice long weekend at Mammoth mountain and here is a video of Joshua, our youngest. We've been telling the kids that we were going to start them on snowboards this season and Josh was very excited of the two kids.

Each one had 2 lessons and for the most part, they are around the same area of learning although Josh is able to come down the run on his heels a bit faster than Tyler. They will continue their lessons next time but for now you can enjoy the Discovery run with Josh...

Monday, February 06, 2012

San Diego weekend

Hectic week with some stress thrown in for good measure. Luckily it was a short week due to a student free day so we headed down to San Diego early Saturday morning to hopefully see some whales.

Sunrise over the 405

We did see the pretty sunrise over the 405 freeway...


All aboard at 9:30am...

San Diego skyline

Heading out with a pretty view of the skyline.

Just in case...

Gave the kids some Dramamine so we didn't have to use these!


Lots of dolphins and I managed to get a blurry picture of one. :)

Thar she blows!

We saw spray/spout ! Not much else and the one whale.

Kids tuckered out

This is how I find the kids...

Sleeping Josh

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Flash mob hockey crowd surprises 2 rec hockey teams which made their night memorable!