Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On to Kyoto!!

Sorry for the delay but life threw a curveball at us but I'm back and ready to move on to the Kyoto portion of our vacation.

I going to stress again many times in this part of our trip how wonderful having the JR pass was. Once we figured out how to pick ours up and get it set up, the rest was easy going to other cities. We reserved our seats for the most part but in some instances we would jump in the unreserved car and be fine for short trips.

The trains are efficient and clean which makes travelling so much more enjoyable. The people are nice and helpful. If you want to see the Japanese flustered, sit in their reserved seat. Never mind there are other open seats around, they are very mindful of the rules. Don't do it on purpose but you will most likely make some sort of mistake during your stay and cause some major confusion. ;)

On the the photos....and there are a lot today.

Sleek Bullet Train

World Traveller

Sitting in our correct seats

Coca-Cola Life and Katsu sandwich
The best part about trains is picking out a bento lunch. The kids found a bulgogi jerky that we only found in the Tokyo station.

Train view

Small town life

We did have a nice day to travel but it was more of the same cloudiness in Kyoto. The Kyoto station is pretty large also so I didn't take any pictures of that or the taxi line or our driver's confusion on finding the apartment. Thankfully we had our apartment contact talk to the driver to get the proper directions.

Living room/kitchen

This area alone is bigger than our hotel room in Tokyo. There is another area to the living room and a dining area that I don't think I took pictures of...

Small efficient kitchen
We had everything we needed in this small kitchen and a dishwasher!

Long hallway

Like I said, lots of room and space.

Bathroom sink and washer

One bedroom plus crib

So much space!

Shower/tub area
Japanese bath. Confusing tub since it was all in Japanese. We figured out how to turn it on to fill the tub which eventually overflowed. Luckily its a wet room so the water would drain through the floor. There was a control to keep the water warm in the tub too. That way you can scrub/shower/clean yourself first then soak in the tub, Possible ideas for our master bath...

Josh can't believe Tyler is in the kitchen!!

Very plain and ugly outside hallway

Lobby entryway

Motorcycle parking

Cloudy day by the river

River path

More blossoms

School Bound
This school uniform is too cute and I love his backpack.

Blossoms over the water

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

Hope you enjoyed this post...more to come!

Monday, June 01, 2015

May Favorites

I promise to get to my summary of Japan but I'm happy to be able to find some new topics for blogging. 

For the month of May, these are my 5 faves. They are things I have enjoyed so I'm sharing. :)

1: I have a seriously lack of eyelashes. Yes, my lashes are very light, thin and short. I don't like to wear mascara but I do for special occasions. I've tried false eyelashes but they're expensive and I always had someone put them on for me. I've felt self-conscious about them and the false ones seem to be really extreme so I felt conspicuous with them.
Flash to 2015...more styles are available and at my local Daiso (Japanese $1.50 store) has a so many ones to choose from. I figured I'm Asian so maybe I'll give them a go. I can pay $1.50 to try a few styles out.  Ta-da!! I found these and they work great. I can get about 3 uses out of them if I'm careful and they add some pop to my eyes. I am much more comfortable putting them on too. I buy about 6 or more so I always have some on hand.

Daiso eyelashes

2: Cosmetic Organizer/3 drawers. I don't have a huge array of cosmetics so I kept it all in a cosmetic bag but lately with a renewed interest in makeup etc I have to dig in the bag only to grab the wrong item. So when I was at Bed Bath and Beyond, I found this cute clear cosmetic organizer and it's perfect for the amount of makeup I have. It's actually more than enough, I have room for more stuff. My friend sells Mary Kay cosmetics so I have a drawer dedicated to samples. Now I know were everything is and makes putting makeup on a snap.

Cosmetic organizer

3: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Cress is the 3rd book in the series. I started the first book Cinder earlier in May and here we are. Really clever in blending fairy tales and sci-fi. It may not be for everyone but I'm enjoying them a lot. Cress: Lunar series

4: My mini-iPad cover. Hector have me a mini for Mother's Day so of course I want get a protective cover and this is what I found. Something colorful and unusual. :)

My colorful skulls mini iPad cover
5: Dove Promises Dark Chocolate. I don't consider myself a chocoholic at all but I saw Easy 1 Minute Lava Cakes ( a quick 1 minute chocolate lava cake recipe)and had to try it. There are many ways to do this but I think this is the easiest... I tried this Memorial weekend and it came out great. I have leftover chocolate so I tried them and yum. :)

Dove Promises Dark Chocolate

Have a great day!