Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Mish Mash

I have no excuses for this bad blogger. Just enjoy the assorted and random things I post today.

I finally picked up my Reef painting over the past weekend from my childhood friend Kathy. I love it and decided to place it in the kitchen so I can see it all through out the day.
"Reef" has a new home in the kitchen so I can see it practically all day long. #acrylic #painting

Of course, I spy another painting that is lovely and for sale.
Picked up my painting from my dear childhood artist friend and found my new potential future painting. 24x36 #acrylic #painting #forsale

Went to Vegas for Frozen Fury with the girls and had a blast. Lots of drinking amongst the eating, hockey player sightings and heat.

It's starting!! #vegas #girlstrip #frozenfury #lakings

This was just in the Long Beach airport.

Hockey season began and last night was the replica ring giveaway.

My #LAKings ring collection. Not too shabby.

They look pretty nice, don't they?

I totally missed the Throwback here are 2 pics.

One is of Hector & Carlos at our wedding (1996). Time flies by so quickly.

Carlos & Hector.
Here is one from 1993 when I had my car accident. I should leave it for another post but it was a miracle that I lived. Just sayin...

10-6-93 rear ended by 18wheeler milk truck on fwy, pushed off down hill. #tbt #miracle

Okay, I threw practically everything in this post except the kitchen sink. Until next time!