Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hats Galore

On the Puck This group on Ravelry we have a Hat Trick month in January and it's all for fun but the goal is to knit 3 hats in the month. I do love knitting hats since they're usually fast and fun.

My usual goal is to use up my current stash but that does not always work out as planned. I'm not sure if I blogged about my personal hat trick but I did continue knitting on hats through February. Also if you watched the winter Olympics in Sochi, you may noticed the really cool knit hats that many athletes wore.

Luckily there are plenty of talented people to reverse engineer the designs and share them with fellow knitters. One of my first hats was the 2014 USA hat, of course. I only have one photo of the hat which features colorwork moose, designs of USA and 2014. My next project. #USA #knit

USA hat is done!

Quite large for the average person and I stopped the chart soon after the moose as the hat was getting very tall. I'm sure I can find someone who will claim this cool hat.

Then I was in a patriotic mood, so I continued with the same yarn and made a Scrappy Ski Hat. This is a super pattern for using all those odd and ends of yarn laying around. I keep saying I need to knit up my existing stash but somehow I keep buying more yarn. Its a vicious cycle.


Oh, I'm not finished! I was telling you I was on some sort of hat knitting frenzy...

Back View of Slovakian Folklore Hat

This cool pattern, Slovakian Folklore Hat takes its inspiration from the winter Olympics where the Slovakia had these super fab hats. A talented person took her time to chart it out and I was lucky enough to find it/knit it. This hat is really tall and slouchy which is how it's supposed to be but I did have to leave out the last chart before it was too long. Yes, I bought more yarn but these colors are great and wintery. And it looks complete with a pom pom. :)

Slovakian Folklore Hat

I'm definitely wearing this hat when I take off to the great white north next month. :)

Back view of Sockhead hat

Sockhead hat

One more hat and I think that's it for now. I knit another Sockhead hat. This hat is great because it uses sock yarn which is thinner/lighter which is more suitable for SoCal weather. We are supposed to get 2 rainstorms and I'm currently wearing it as I type.

It's a great mindless project because I don't have to think about it. Just lots of ribbing and then miles of knitting. I might use up some leftover sock yarn and make a scrappy one.

Phew! That's the hats although I didn't show the 3 I knit for January. I don't want to overload everyone more than I have. Now to prepare for rain!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mammoth Mountain

February is practically over and I have been a bad blogger. I do have my reasons and that's because 2 weekends we spent driving up to Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierras. The kids got 2 3 day weekends to enjoy back to back and for we decided to go for it.

hwy 395 north

The first weekend I drove up with the kids and met my friend Julie along with her cousins & friends so total us up all together and I think we were 10 sharing a condo at The Village. Our drive up was uneventful (which is great) but when we reached Mammoth the weather definitely different. Cold & windy with snow in the forecast but we were all nice a cozy in our penthouse condo.

Good morning from #mammothmountain Snow!❄️❄️

We had plenty of restaurants to choose from and we just take the gondola there to the right to Canyon Lodge. We had to bundle up to go snowboarding to face the elements.

Ready to head out

Posing with some bears in The Village

I think we would have done better if it weren't for the windy conditions.

Snowy blustery Saturday

Not that we were heading up to the top of the mountain but we couldn't see much past the lifts.

  Low visibility at Canyon Lodge Josh & I ready to board down the beginner hill

It was hard to keep track of both boys on the slope. Everyone looks the same, more or less.

Sunday view of mountain

Sunday was better weather-wise but not much. We managed the best we could.

Ninja Josh at Discovery

Tyler & Josh at Main Lodge

Maybe this is why we usually come up during the spring to avoid this kind of weather. :)
Naturally Monday was beautiful and calm when we headed home.

Monday morning snow

The kids didn't seem to mind clearing the car of overnight snow.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One Piece

We started watching One Piece and there are tons of episodes. We finished a 8 box DVD and there are more episodes available online which H probably finished by now.

I suggested to Josh that he can cosplay as Luffy because they are very close in looks. :) Josh is cool with that but I think he'd rather be Roronoa Zoro because he always carries 3 swords.

Josh as Roronoa Zoro

Pretending he's Roronoa Zoro